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Iraq crisis ‘made in Israel’

Who is responsible for the disaster in Iraq?

Some blame the US for its calamitous invasion and occupation. Others fault Iraqis, pointing to sectarianism, corruption and incompetence.

But on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inadvertently revealed the truth: The tragedy in Iraq (like similar tragedies in Syria, Libya, Sudan and elsewhere) was made in Israel. All of these countries have been destabilized as part of Israel’s Oded Yinon plan to balkanize the Middle East.

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4 Thoughts to “Iraq crisis ‘made in Israel’”

  1. Anonymous

    The three dead Israeli teens, with one being a US citize [a perfect scenario]…fits the profile of an Israeli False-Flag-Op… Seems that Israel's shorts are getting pretty tight lately…some of the Oded Yinon's Greater Israel Project being the latest background info to get spread about the world…and there is more coming at Israel from all over the world… This is exactly how the Zionists and Bibi respond…or…set the stage to anihalate Palestinians… …and BombRack O'DroneYa [yet another puppet president]…is all too willing to ramp up anything over there…upon command… …after all, the Zionists got him elected Prez out of the CHI AIPAC and Zionist machine using their puppet political presidential development schools…aka…the Ivy League schools… Keep up the good work…inch-by-inch…row-by-row…were gonna make this movement grow.. peace, love and progress… robin hordon

  2. Anonymous

    The "666" kidnapping solved on cue. But the car is missing plates. Hamas is blamed for an action in an area it did not have the resources to conduct an operation of this nature–on the West Bank–and further, it did not take credit for it. One Israeli teenager called police when the car made a U-turn and the abductors spoke in "Hebrew". The police did not start investigating for 5 hours. A friend of mine pointed out a puppy could have found the missing teens after 18 days in the heat–and they were found close to the site of the abduction.

  3. Well. If this doesnt get you on the JDL "death threat list", then I would have to say that you are bullet proof. Good Job

  4. This one's for Tom Mysiewicz ; – )

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