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Godfree Roberts on China & Cultural Revolution

Listen HERE Is comparing BLM-Antifa to the Chinese Cultural Revolution…an insult to the Cultural Revolution?! Godfree Roberts takes issue with my essay comparing BLM-Antifa to the Chinese Cultural Revolution. He says the Cultural Revolution didn’t kill tens of millions, but in fact lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and set China on the road to success. Godfree Roberts writes: “I suggest we start with my Unz article on the Cultural Revolution. And you might recommend listeners read The Unknown Cultural Revolution: Life and Change in a Chinese Village, by Dongping Han, an American history professor who grew to adulthood during the CR. It’s a wonderful little…


Alan Sabrosky: Is America Headed for Civil War?

Listen HERE Dr. Alan “The Most Censored Man in America“ Sabrosky thinks we might not even make it to the election…and even if we do, Civil War II could break out shortly thereafter. “Looking at Biden vs Trump almost makes me long for the days of the 2016 election – almost. As I have written, Trump is out of his depth dealing with these crises, and the generals who could have helped him are long gone – and gone on bad terms, at that. Biden is so visibly senile the only question is whether he drops out as soon as…