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Godfree Roberts on China & Cultural Revolution

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Is comparing BLM-Antifa to the Chinese Cultural Revolution…an insult to the Cultural Revolution?!

Godfree Roberts takes issue with my essay comparing BLM-Antifa to the Chinese Cultural Revolution. He says the Cultural Revolution didn’t kill tens of millions, but in fact lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and set China on the road to success.

Godfree Roberts writes:

“I suggest we start with my Unz article on the Cultural Revolution. And you might recommend listeners read The Unknown Cultural Revolution: Life and Change in a Chinese Village, by Dongping Han, an American history professor who grew to adulthood during the CR. It’s a wonderful little tale with interesting conclusions.

“I’d be grateful if you’d introduce me as the publisher of the weekly newsletter, “Here Comes China!” It’s the only comprehensive source of accurate information about the country that I know of(!).”

I recommend Godfree’s newsletter, which is very detailed and informative, offering information and insights you won’t find in the Western MSM. If you’re interested in subscribing, email me at truthjihad (at) gmail and I’ll pass it on to Godfree.

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