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Alan Sabrosky: Is America Headed for Civil War?

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Dr. Alan “The Most Censored Man in America“ Sabrosky thinks we might not even make it to the election…and even if we do, Civil War II could break out shortly thereafter.

“Looking at Biden vs Trump almost makes me long for the days of the 2016 election – almost. As I have written, Trump is out of his depth dealing with these crises, and the generals who could have helped him are long gone – and gone on bad terms, at that. Biden is so visibly senile the only question is whether he drops out as soon as his VP is announced (who then moves into the lead slot & picks her own VP), or is propped up through the election like Brezhnev in his final year.

“Trump it seems has boxed himself into a corner. This situation needed decisive, tough action up front, and that didn’t happen. Now we have simmering violence & renewed lockdowns to keep the pot boiling. We simply may not make it to November without a three (or four?) – sided civil war – I would hate to make book on it either way, the right spark and the whole thing blows up.  But if we get to the election, what then? If Trump wins, the DNC-Antifa-BLM “Axis of REAL Evil” which is fueling these crises (aided by the MSM, of course) will shriek ‘foul!’ and the cities burn again, at which point old guys like me & my veteran neighbors & younger versions of us pick up our AR-15s and fight it. If Trump loses, the same thing happens between November & January. We are, my old friend (well, younger friend….!) heading between political versions of Scylla & Charybdis with broken rudders. Barring a miracle (and I hope SO much I am wrong!), this will make the 1861-65 war seem like a walk in the park.”

Alan Sabrosky spent ten years in Marine Corps. He is the former Director of Studies at the United States Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute where he held the position of The Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. Some view Dr. Sabrosky, the best known advocate of the “Israel did 9/11” thesis, as today’s equivalent of Smedley Butler, the legendary whistleblowing Marine Corps general.

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