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FFWN: “Next Year in Palestine” (2023-2024 roundup with E. Michael Jones)

Watch above Saturdays after 1 pm Eastern Rumble link   Bitchute link Biggest Stories of the Week PSAs 0) Help FFWN Celebrate “Next Year in Palestine” (and get caught up with the old year’s Fundrazrs) 1) Happy Holidays: RT’s holiday video pokes fun at ‘Russian meddling’ narratives 2) Gaza Ceasefire Protesters are Shutting Down Weapons Manufacturers  Help them! 3) Boycott This List of Israel-Linked Products Good News 3.5) South Africa Invokes Genocide Convention against Israel ZioBiden 4) How Joe Biden Became America’s Top Israel Hawk 5) Netanyahu Outsmarted by ‘Wily’ Biden?…