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FFWN: “Next Year in Palestine” (2023-2024 roundup with E. Michael Jones)

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Biggest Stories of the Week


0) Help FFWN Celebrate “Next Year in Palestine” (and get caught up with the old year’s Fundrazrs)

1) Happy Holidays: RT’s holiday video pokes fun at ‘Russian meddling’ narratives

2) Gaza Ceasefire Protesters are Shutting Down Weapons Manufacturers  Help them!

3) Boycott This List of Israel-Linked Products

Good News

3.5) South Africa Invokes Genocide Convention against Israel


4) How Joe Biden Became America’s Top Israel Hawk

5) Netanyahu Outsmarted by ‘Wily’ Biden? No, Biden Is the One Being Played

6) Biden Convinced Netanyahu to Halt a Pre-Emptive Strike Against Hezbollah (WSJ)


7) Israel is losing the war against Hamas – but Netanyahu and his government will never admit it

8) Russian Identification of Houthi Tanker Target in Indian Ocean

9) Israel denies visas to UN staff as it hits back against Gaza war criticism

10) IRGC to Israel: Await our revenge for commander’s assassination

Atrocity Exhibition

11) Slaughtering Amalek–Israeli Forces ‘Executed’ Dozens of Elderly People in Gaza

12) Israel returns mutilated bodies of Palestinians killed in Gaza – minus stolen organs

Biggest Stories of 2023

13) We will miss FFWN’s Allan Rees, unsung hero & 9/11 truth radio pioneer

Palestine Resists Genocide

14) 75th Anniversary of Nakba (Palestinian Holocaust) Observed, New Holocaust Began, in 2023

15) Hamas treated captives humanely, Israeli troops slaughtered own people, says survivor

16) Axis of Resistance to Genocide

17) To Save Gaza, Invoke the Genocide Convention

18) Muslims and conservative Christians Became Allies in 2023 – Then Gaza Genocide Started…

19) Now: Protestant churches approve Gaza Genocide

MSM Named “Morons of the Year”

20) Moronic MSM Names Mediocre Singer Person of the Year, Blasts “Conspiracy Theories”

21) Alternate Candidates: Elon Musk Yahyah al-Sinwar Vladimir Putin

Threatened by Dissent

22) 2023: The Year Kissinger Warns America “Threatened by Dissent” – Then Keels Over Dead

23) Q Shaman released after Jan. 6 footage shows Capitol cops escorting him to Senate floor

24) 2023: The Year American Activists Realized They Had to Prepare for Prison

25) ADL Targeted Substack (singling out Kevin’s) in 2023 — and Failed

Trump v. Biden

26) Trump’s Indictments Made History in 2023. His Trials May Do the Same in 2024.

27) Will Trump Be Assassinated in 2024?

28) Biden has another calamitous year at the southern border in 2023 as records shatter

29) Biden’s Minyan and the Holocaust Narrative

29.5): Anne Frank’s step sister, Eva Schloss, tells Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain that the Auschwitz Liberation was faked with photographers and crisis actors

30) Supreme Court Hobbled Affirmative Action in 2023 – Ron Unz Blamed (Subtly, to Avoid Giving Him Publicity)

More Promising Candidates

31) Imran Khan Shot & Falsely Imprisoned- WSJ Terrified of “Comeback” in 2024

32) RFK Jr. in 2023: From Truth-Seeking Candidate to Genocide Apologist

33) Cornel West (9/11 truth & Palestine supporter) upstages RFK Jr.

Conspiracy Theories Confirmed

34) Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore, Covert Action Magazine, Top Euro Demolitions Expert All Came Out for 9/11 Truth in 2023

35) 2023: The Year “October Surprise Conspiracy Theory” Was Confirmed by NYT A Four-Decade Secret: NYT Confirms 1980 October Surprise Coup vs. Jimmy Carter

War on Russia Fail

36) Ukraine-Russia war drags on into 2024: Ukraine ends year disappointed by stalemate with Russia, and anxious about aid from allies.

37) 2023 Was “The Year of Russia-China Strategic Partnership” – Pepe Escobar

38) Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk Calls Out Gonzalo Lira’s Imprisonment, SBU Responds (imprisoned since May 2023)

39) The Dollar’s Dominance Is Shakier Than Ever


40) Suspicious 2023 Disasters in Muslim Countries: Turkey and Morocco Quakes, Libya Flood

41) Did “White Noise” Prefigure East Palestine Disaster Which Prefigured Palestine Genocide? (Zionist sick humor?)

42) Maui Fires: Suspicions Flared Up

43) Across the West, people were dying in greater numbers in 2023. Nobody wants to learn why

44) Population Collapse?

45) 2023 was the year AI went mainstream. It was also the year we started to panic about it

Survivors (but will we survive 2024 with people/entities like this around?!)

46) Urgent need to build (6 millionth) Holocaust memorial now before survivors die, says Pickles

47) 2023: The Year “Trans Day of Vengeance” Became a New National Holiday

48) US Tranny Fired from Ukraine Government After Threatening Global Assassinations of Journalists and Writers

49) Gay Ukrainian Jewish Animal Rights Activist 9/11 Survivor Descended from Holocaust Survivors Gets Indicted and Expelled from Congress

50) 2023: The Year Congress Seriously Considered Whistleblower’s Claim that U.S. Recovered ‘Intact And Partially Intact Vehicles’ Of Non-Human Origin

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