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Rolf Lindgren Breaks Down Trump’s Legal Issues; Helen Buyniski Skewers the Thought Police

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First hour: All goodthinking people agree: Donald Trump should go to prison. But tonight’s first-hour guest, Rolf Lindgren, prefers crimethink to goodthink. He breaks down the charges against Trump and argues that they range from weak to laughably bogus. But will the courts and juries agree? Or will Trump have to run for president while bouncing from courtroom to courtroom— and if he loses in court but wins the election, will he be furloughed from prison to attend his own inauguration?

Rolf Lindgren, a former pillar of Wisconsin’s Libertarian party (and my 2008 congressional campaign manager) is now a card-carrying Trumpublican…or would be, if there were an official Trumpublican Party that issued cards.

Rolf is also an aspiring singer-songwriter. Check out his latest single “The Bidenflation Blues.”

Second hour: Check out Helen Buyniski‘s latest article “All You Need Is Hate: When Pattern Recognition Is Illegal, Only Outlaws Will Recognize Patterns, You Terrorist You.” Helen observes: “Convincing Congress to suspend the rights of the people has generally required a declaration of war at the very least, and any advances made were often memory-holed if not repealed altogether during the brutal post-war hangovers in which the nation felt shame at having abetted the murder of a few hundred thousand young men for the sake of a few bankers. Only by maintaining a constant state of war, those bankers soon realized, could this backsliding be prevented…”

She discusses Doug Mackey facing 10 years in prison for posting satirical memes; Stewart Rhodes getting sentenced to 18 years in prison for writing a letter to then-President Trump urging him to invoke the Insurrection Act; the LAWS act criminalizing First Amendment protected political speech if it somehow dovetails with someone else’s random hate crime; the DHS war on mainstream conservative organizations like the Heritage Foundation and National Rifle Association on the basis that they are gateway drugs to radicalization; the “stochastic terrorism” weaponization of the David DePape hammer attack on Pelosi’s husband; the war on nonwhite white supremacists; the demonization of hard work, objectivity, and rationality as racist “white values”; and more.

Conclusion: “Try as they might, the Corporate State cannot beat, blackmail, threaten, or even bribe Americans into trusting its dilapidated narrative. Their solution to this existential crisis is to wall off increasingly vast expanses of truth as unacceptable and thus unspeakable, first socially and then legally, such that all discussion of them withers and dies off like a vestigial limb. The first generation may continue to think of these things, or even discuss them with trusted friends quietly, but the generation after that will barely be able to imagine them outside the cartoonish exaggerations they’re fed by the media establishment, let alone remember what they were like. Subsequent generations will be unaware they ever existed at all.”


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