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Rolf Lindgren Breaks Down Trump’s Legal Issues

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All goodthinking people agree: Donald Trump should go to prison. But tonight’s first-hour guest, Rolf Lindgren, prefers crimethink to goodthink. He breaks down the charges against Trump and argues that they range from weak to laughably bogus. But will the courts and juries agree? Or will Trump have to run for president while bouncing from courtroom to courtroom— and if he loses in court but wins the election, will he be furloughed from prison to attend his own inauguration?

Rolf Lindgren, a former pillar of Wisconsin’s Libertarian party (and my 2008 congressional campaign manager) is now a card-carrying Trumpublican…or would be, if there were an official Trumpublican Party that issued cards.

Rolf is also an aspiring singer-songwriter. Check out his latest single “The Bidenflation Blues.”

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