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“Ethnically Targeted” (FFWN with E. Michael Jones)

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by noon Central time Saturdays


1) Help FFWN survive being “ethnically targeted”

Election 2024

2) Trump’s Legal Woes Mount as Trial Dates and Campaign Calendar Collide

NY Magazine dossier of cases against Trump

3) White House praises cocaine probe after case goes unsolved

4) Don’t Call Him #SnifferJoe !  

5) Marjorie Taylor Greene Inflicts Hunter Biden Nudes on Congress

6) Do Democrats still support paper ballots?

7) Biden’s ‘Final’ Order on Kennedy Files Leaves Some Still Wanting More

“Ethnically Targeted”

8) RFK Jr. says COVID was ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews

9) RFK Jr.’s latest conspiracy theory is the last straw

10) These Two-Minute “Anti-Semitism” Hates (RFK, Jr., Pedro Gonzales, Nick Fuentes, Pat Buchanan) Are Designed to Suppress Real Issues

11) This Jewess Says RFK Jr is Right

12) Jewish Daily Forward: Let’s Cure Antisemitism With MDMA!

13) Twitter Files: Who Are the People Claiming RFK Jr. is “Disinformation”?

Kissing Kosher Tush

14) RFK Jr. Tweets “Unconditional Support” for Israel

15) Israeli President Herzog gets 30 standing ovations from “US” Congress

16) US ‘no longer our closest ally’ – former Israeli PM

17) A Tale of Two Occupations (Palestine and the Ivy League)

War on Russia

18) Russia warns against any ships traveling to Ukraine from Thursday

19) Why Are We in Ukraine? On the dangers of American hubris

20) The bell tolls for fiat

War on Middle East

21) Iran Is Breaking Out of Its Box

22) U.S. Navy Preparing for War in the Persian Gulf

23) Rich lode of EV metals could boost Taliban and its new Chinese partners

Long COVID or Long mRNA?

24) “Salvo” of Papers on Long COVID: 300 Million Disabled, Burden “Unfathomable”

25) Across the West, people are dying in greater numbers. Nobody wants to learn why

26) Covid Origins Scientist Denounces Reporting On His Messages As A “Conspiracy Theory”

Tranny Privilege

27) Survey: Almost Half of Millennials Think Misgendering Trans Person Should Be Criminal Offense

28) Confidential Biden DOD memo reveals “transgender” service members can skip deployments and receive indefinite physical fitness/standards waivers

Child Abuse

29) Angel Studios Directing People to Clinton-Podesta NGOs

30) Family theme park apologises for drag queen act that left parents ‘horrified’

Sci Fi Meets Reality?

31) Learn a Foreign Language Before It’s Too Late: AI translators may seem wondrous but they also erode a major part of what it is to be human.

32) Bipartisan Measure Aims to Force Release of U.F.O. Records

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