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FFWN: Tucker Carlson Erased for Spreading Suspicions that “Conspiracy Theorists” Might Be Right

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by noon Central time Saturdays.

Guest commentator: John Friend of American Free Press and The Realist Report


1) Help FFWN Spread Uneasy Suspicions that “Conspiracy Theorists” Might Be Right

2) …And Relocate and Become Sustainable

3) Remembering Graeme MacQueen

Kennedy vs. Biden

4) RFK Jr. Opens Campaign Backed by 14% of Biden Voters – “He Can’t Be Ignored”

5) Could There Be Another President Kennedy?

6) Trump’s Worst Betrayal Ever?

US Occupation of Everywhere

7) Joe Biden Submitted A War Powers Resolution (Yesterday) Which Puts American Boots On The Ground In Djibouti, Ethiopia, & Sudan

8) Even Allies Reject U.S. Dominion: Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, others see advantages of multi-polar world

9) End of the American Petrodollar Could Actually Mean Rise in Liberty

Something Went Wrong

10) Public Health Emergency in U.S. Set to Expire May 11 — But EUA Vaccines, Liability Shields Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

11) Dr. Fauci Looks Back: ‘Something Clearly Went Wrong’

12) She Made ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ Required Reading for Her Students. Here’s What Happened Next.

Tucker Erased

13) WAR ON FREE SPEECH: Dissident voices—no matter how popular—being silenced

13B) ‘Tucker Twitter Files’ Reveal How WHO Helped Twitter Censor Tucker Carlson

14) We Are All Tucker Carlson: Stand Up and Emulate his Pursuit of Truth

15) Did Fox News Stock Not Lose $930 Million in Market Value After Tucker Carlson Exit

16) Blackrock Owns 15.1% of the Fox Corporation

17) Ex-Tucker Carlson producer suing Tucker Carlson has never met Tucker Carlson

Censorship-Industrial Complex

18) Former Intel Officials Received Biden Administration Jobs After Signing Hunter Laptop Letter–Etienne de la Boetie and Eric Lendrum

19) Former Acting CIA Director Testifies He Was Pressured to Discredit Truth (by Ron Paul)

20) Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: Introduction to a series of features about the new global speech-policing bureaucracy, uncovered in the Twitter Files and beyond

21) Banning TikTok a Smokescreen for More Internet Censorship

22) Why Is Media Lying About Crime?

Generational War

23) An angry and intolerant younger generation is destroying American democracy

24) “OK, Boomer”: Are Boomers Solely to Blame for Our National Decline?

Journalism or Propaganda?

25) Seymour Hersh reacts to NYT hunting Pentagon leaker

26) Fake News Media Work With FBI to Track Down Whistleblower

27) Truth Always the First Casualty of War (Philip Giraldi)

Victimizing Kids

28) They Saw the Horrific Aftermath of a Mass Shooting. Should We?

29) ‘Transsexual’ Pedophiles Exploit ‘Woke’ System to Victimize Kids

Political Prosecutions?

30) Russiagate Imploded, So Instead of Lynching Trump, They’re Lynching Black Socialists in St. Louis

31) DOJ Targets Black Nationalists

32) The ICC Wants to Start Arresting Politicians! I Think That’s A GREAT Idea!

4 Thoughts to “FFWN: Tucker Carlson Erased for Spreading Suspicions that “Conspiracy Theorists” Might Be Right”

  1. James Nunn

    Tucker Carson is not to be trusted. He’s all part of the agenda, a mis dis info psy-op.

    1. david mann

      Zero content to your remark. Thx.

  2. turtle

    Love the cartoons.
    Nice work (as always)!

  3. John Graves

    That was a great show, Kevin! I like Friend very much. I think it is worth hearing again.

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