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Alex Krainer: Was There More Freedom Under Communism?

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Alex Krainer of Trends Compass grew up under Communism (or “hard socialism”) in the former Yugoslavia—and is not a fan. He preferred freedom then, and still does. But is the “free world” really free? Or has ideology blinded us to reality?

In his recent essay “Property rights: the reality vs. the ideology of it” Alex explains that under communism property rights and the freedom to engage in commerce were respected: “While the communist ideology strove for an abolition of private property, in practice, property rights were recognized and inviolable (I am sure there were exceptions, but I am not aware of any). People owned land, homes, cars, boats, tractors, bars, shops and private businesses of all sorts.”

And there was no property tax. (If there is, you don’t really own “your” property.) And no income tax. (If there is, every economic transaction is under government surveillance.)

Is the West, the self-proclaimed free world, actually LESS free than communist countries like China, monarchies like Morocco, and “authoritarian” countries in general? Have we all been brainwashed into believing that freedom is slavery (and that war is peace and ignorance is strength)?

Listen to Alex Krainer and reflect.

Alex Krainer is the founder of Krainer Analytics and creator of I-System Trend Following. He has worked as a market analyst, researcher, trader and hedge fund manager since 1996.

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