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Alex Krainer: Was There More Freedom Under Communism?

Video link Audio Alex Krainer of Trends Compass grew up under Communism (or “hard socialism”) in the former Yugoslavia—and is not a fan. He preferred freedom then, and still does. But is the “free world” really free? Or has ideology blinded us to reality? In his recent essay “Property rights: the reality vs. the ideology of it” Alex explains that under communism property rights and the freedom to engage in commerce were respected: “While the communist ideology strove for an abolition of private property, in practice, property rights were recognized and inviolable (I am sure there were exceptions, but I…


LIVE RADIO! Eric Zuesse Says COVID Proves Socialism Beats Capitalism; Tony Hall and Matt Ehret Debate “Canadian Patriotism”

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio First hour: Investigative historian Eric Zuesse returns to debate his article “Ideology and Coronavirus.” He writes: “There are two polar-opposite approaches for dealing with the challenge of coronavirus-19: libertarian proposals prioritize the economy above the public’s health, whereas socialist proposals prioritize the public’s health above the economy. Libertarian countries rely on developing ‘herd immunity’ to the disease, in preference to imposing social distancing and ‘lockdowns,’ which aim instead to reduce the spread of the infection. Unlike socialist measures, the ‘herd immunity’ approach doesn’t need any regulations, because it allows the disease…