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Alan Sabrosky on “RFK Jr. vs. the American Political Wasteland”

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Alan “The Most Censored Man in America” Sabrosky returns to Truth Jihad Radio to offer a far less optimistic perspective on RFK Jr.’s candidacy, among other things, than Edward Curtin’s.

Dr. Sabrosky ponders where the USA is headed and whether it will survive (until) the 2024 elections. Does RFK Jr. have (his father’s and uncle’s) ghost of a chance? In other words, am I making hijra to Morocco too soon? Or do elections even matter any more? And will ever-more-openly-genocidal Israel implode before or after the US does? These are just a few of the questions I’ll be raising with “Doc” Sabrosky, former head of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College, Marine Corps alumnus, and no-punches-pulled truth teller.

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