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LIVE RADIO! What’s the World’s Worst Problem—Unearned Rent, Satanism, or Censorship?

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

What’s the world’s worst problem? Militarism? If nuclear World War 3 breaks out, that will be clear in retrospect. Or if we fast-forward 100 or 150 years, we might learn it was biodiversity loss or climate change. (Or not.)

But those choices are too obvious. Tonight, let’s consider three less-obvious candidates for the world’s worst problem award: Unearned rent, satanism, and censorship. (It could be argued that they’re closely related, since the satanic oligarchs who live on unearned rent are doing the censoring!)

First 30 minutes: Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould argue that the big problem is unearned rent—and the solution is a simple Henry George style land tax. Next Wednesday, May 3, 2023, they’ll be leading the Trine Day roundtable Let’s Make King Charles the Henry George of the 21st Century! Part 1. The takeaway: “When land and natural resource values – Commons Rent – become the primary source for raising public revenue, we will have economic justice and world peace.” Read the long version—spelled out in their letter to King Charles— here.

Second 30 minutes: Apollonian was the scheduled guest. He was supposed to argue that satanism, which he defines as subjectivism, is the problem du jour: “The most urgent question then is regarding this satanic establishment and stranglehold—how can human-kind possibly survive?” But since we couldn’t connect, Mr. Rho subbed for him and discussed the satanic rebellion against nature, including human nature.

Final hour: Helen Buyniski of the HelenOfDestroy Substack makes a good case that if the world’s worst evil-doers succeed in shutting down free discussion of their evil deeds, humanity’s goose is pretty much cooked. Has censorship—not just internet censorship but real-world book-burning, as recently happened when New Zealand banned the “conspiracy” print magazine New Dawn—reached the point of no return? Will the Orwellian boot succeed in stamping on a human face forever? For the full story, check out Helen’s article (with TJ Coles) “Incentivizing Censorship: a Snitch in Every Skull.”

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