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It’s a Christmas conspiracy, Charlie Brown!

Merry Christmas, fellow heretics! ‘Tis the season for exchanging gifts, ’tis it not? ‘Tis also the season for sending your friends and relatives some sort of greeting card, letter, or (if you’re a cyber-acculturated cheapskate) email letting them know you’re not dead and giving them at least a vague sense of what you’ve been up to. So why not send your friends and relatives some thought-provoking mirth too?  Just forward this Peanuts parody as—or alongside—your “official Christmas greeting.” Who knows, if it goes viral, maybe thousands or even millions of people will eventually come to doubt the official story of…


False Flag Weekly News is back! Kevin broadcasts live from Tarragona, Jeremy from Kansas

1) PSA: Help grown-ups stop believing in Santa Claus — support FFWN! Stolen Elections 2) PSA: Coming Saturday, October 6th  ONLINE CONFERENCE by donation  Was the 2016 election rigged for Trump?  Will the 2018 midterms be rigged too?  Did Bernie actually win the primaries over Hillary? 3) Oakland’s Grand Lake Theatre lets all ages see Michael Moore’s R-rated film, and Moore loves it The NYT also thinks there is a problem 9/11 5) 9/11 PTSD contagion infected America 6) 9/11 gave America PTSD: Limbic Warfare and Martha Stout’s “Paranoia Switch” 7) GOP-backed congressional candidate is a 9/11 truther 8)…