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It’s a Christmas conspiracy, Charlie Brown!

Merry Christmas, fellow heretics!

‘Tis the season for exchanging gifts, ’tis it not? ‘Tis also the season for sending your friends and relatives some sort of greeting card, letter, or (if you’re a cyber-acculturated cheapskate) email letting them know you’re not dead and giving them at least a vague sense of what you’ve been up to.

So why not send your friends and relatives some thought-provoking mirth too?  Just forward this Peanuts parody as—or alongside—your “official Christmas greeting.” Who knows, if it goes viral, maybe thousands or even millions of people will eventually come to doubt the official story of Santa Claus!

Yours in joy, merriment, and good cheer

Kevin Barrett,


2 Thoughts to “It’s a Christmas conspiracy, Charlie Brown!”

  1. Bradan Aldrich

    I appreciate your post!

    You are doing a great job Kevin.
    Keep up yhe good work!

  2. st. mary

    Capitalism is open free competition best man win.
    Capitalism + monopolism is worst there is. Best man loses, everyone made to pay more so the one monopoly owner (copyright or patent) can be millions of time for one effort. .
    Explains the great chasm between the 1% and the 99%.
    Monopoly powers do two major things:
    1. keep prices artificially high
    2. prevents all others from competing to bring price down and or to improve quality or to replace the item patented or the document copyrighted with a better document or better new invention.
    Just as the doctor said, its great for Israeli and MIC and the 1%, but it is the reason most of us are poor.

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