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Charles Upton on “Dugin vs. Dugin”; Charles Messina on (Shia) Islam…and working at NYC’s Ground Zero

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Tonight’s show features two white American Muslims named Charles. Whether this coincidence has any cosmic significance I know not.

First hour: Noted poet and metaphysician Charles Upton has just published Dugin Against Dugin: A Traditionalist Critique of the Fourth Political Theory. It strikes me as more of a critique of Dugin’s metaphysics than his politics. But maybe bad metaphysics create bad politics? Listen to Charles Upton, read Dugin Against Dugin, and decide for yourself!

Here is my blurb for the book:

“There is an epic quality to Charles Upton’s struggle with Alexander Dugin. Like Gandalf awakening to the dark side of Sauron, Upton sees Dugin’s satanic shadow and is horrified. But Dugin against Dugin is not a purely negative or destructive critique. It is also an appreciation of  (as well as warning against) the most intriguing activist political philosopher of our time, by our leading critic of perverted spirituality—what Upton calls the ‘counter-initiation.’ Anyone who wonders what lies beyond the abyss of postmodernism should put Dugin against Dugin at the top of their reading list.”  ~~ Kevin Barrett, editor, From Yahweh to Zion, We Are Not Charlie Hebdo, 9/11 and American Empire v.2; author, Truth Jihad and Questioning the War on Terror

Second hour: Charles Messina wrote me a while back:

“Would you do a show about my Experience going through the US-Miltary 1972 Vietnam Veteran [Era].. then going through the [CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM]- While in the Belly of the Beast [NYS-Prison]-1977-1984 Reverting to Islam from Sunni to Shia-? Then going on to how Trump affected the Union Of [International Association of Bridge Structural & Reinforcement Ironworkers] First Responders after 9-11…”

Our conversation last April 7 took us through his conversion to Sunni Islam. So why did he become Shia? What accounts for the divisions in Islam? Could Islam contribute to finding solutions to current social problems?

Toward the end of the show, Charles, who is NYC ironworker, discusses his experience working at Ground Zero. He says everyone there knew it was a demolition, that the WTC was looted, and that “the fix was in.”

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