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William Woodward: Biden an Improvement on Trump?

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In the previous show Prof. Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observer joined Cat McGuire to discuss her article “I was at the Washington D.C. ‘Save America’ rally“. Both Kevin MacDonald and Cat McGuire are former leftists who no longer identify as such.

Another psychology professor, William Woodward of the University of New Hampshire, continues to espouse the same left-liberal ideals that have inspired his commitment to many causes, including 9/11 truth. Among his interests is the “neocolonial heritage of Western psychology”— a very different approach to the discipline from Kevin MacDonald’s. Woodward, unlike MacDonald, sees (faint) hope for a better US foreign policy under the coming Biden Administration. He recommends Ray McGovern’s “Can Burns Change the CIA?” and hopes the answer is “yes.”

Our discussion includes my attempts to explain to William Woodward that Kevin MacDonald’s positions are not as crazy or extreme as the MSM and ADL say.

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