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Matt Ehret & Jeff Brown on “New Chinese Boogey Man”

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In his new article “Who Is Creating a New Chinese Boogey Man?”  Matt Ehret notes: “Many good people have found themselves susceptible to the narrative that China is the global supervillain conspiring to overthrow western Christian values by any means necessary.” Pro-Trump populists in particular have been targeted by anti-China propaganda. The #1 talking point: “COVID is a Chinese attack on the USA!”

As China expert Jeff Brown among others has explained, these folks have been duped: COVID was almost certainly a US biowar attack on China, Iran, and the whole world, designed to be falsely blamed on China. For evidence supporting that interpretation, read Ron Unz’s article “Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowar Blowback” alongside the transcript of my interview with Meryl Nass; then watch the first and second No Lies Radio webinars on the subject.

Matt Ehret thinks the deep state behind COVID biowar isn’t really American, but British. Is he right? Can he convince Jeff and me? And how about you?

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