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Greg Felton: Who’s the real fascist – Trump or Clinton?

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Greg Felton – a former mainstream journalist to “took the red pill” some time ago – says:

America is staring into the abyss and preparing to jump

Greg questions who is the real fascist, Trump or Clinton? He writes:

“As I wrote in my book The Host and The Parasite—How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America, the U.S. government has been fascist or proto-fascist for more than 30 years, and this fascism has been predominantly Jewish. I show that from Harry Truman to George W. Bush the U.S. went through six stages of increasing fascism called ‘zionization.'”

He adds that the only candidate who seems to actually care about the American people Bernie Sanders.

2 Thoughts to “Greg Felton: Who’s the real fascist – Trump or Clinton?”

  1. Anonymous


    I'm critical of you sometimes and I want to balance compliments to you when you have great guests…AND…when you begin to adopt more realistic and "doable" politics…more progressive politics which I believe are at your core. These are completely opposite the journey into libertarianism which are neither a good thing nor "doable" or functional. Libertarians have taken the bait and cannot even understand that the logical extreme of libertarianism is total corporate control…YET…they still chant "gimme freedom"! Stunningly ignorant politics.

    Anyway, Felton has the most accurate perspective about US politics and political activism that I've heard from anyone on your shows yet…[outside myself of course]. And FYI…I gave him a copy of CI: Civil Informationing: modernizing public activism when Soudy brought him, Herskovitz and "the great imposter" Atzmon to Seattle in 2014. Its the same that I gave you when you were here later…

    Felton, as I do, tells the truth about the "fake peace movement" now in that they are essentially working FOR the military industrial complex. He just didn't take the next step in that exposure…because the peace groups have been infiltrated by US Zionists. Its just like the fact that most political organizations and groups have been cleverly brought under control by those thousands of Jewish-Americans…aka…"sayonems" I think you call them. He is also correct in that the tactics of the so-called peace movement are dated from the 1950s-1960s…and are WAY obsolete.

    Suggest that you do some work on informing the USofA [and poor Canada who has even more restrictive controls about talking anything "Israel or Jewish"]…in exposing these "sayonems" as the mechanism OF the take-overs of the political groups. Like the film "They Live", the sayonems are everywhere and controlling everything. Normal US citizens simply cannot believe that there is such a sophisticated "informational network" or "control mechanisms" amongst the US Jews. Once these two things are taught, then US citizenry will much more easily understand HOW all such controls and organizational influences have been pulled off by that self interested community. And then they will stand up to the sayonems too.

    You have busted "anti-semitism" wide open and that "tool" is loosing its power very rapidly. Exposing the sayonems is the next step…then some real progress will be made at the Israeli stranglehold on the USofA.

    BTW…you should see who soon-to-be leader of the senate Chuck Schumer {sp} and THE most powerful person in the USofA is supporting for senatorial races from IL…a political neophyte and X-soldier? who is married to a Kagen…UGH!

    It should be clear to everyone that Israel only has to hold a few seats in congress and the senate in order to control each. This is why so many "consultants" in WDC actually work to keep the left-right balance very close in congress…aka…48-52 either way. In doing this then the Israel servants can swing any vote at any time with their tiny minority of politicians.

    FYI…AirAmericaRadio took flight SOLELY to get Franken into the senate. It was cheap money to loose to get that done…and they did it. The "quid-pro-quo" for Franken to headline the network was exactly that. I know most of the on and off air comics-satirists who were employed by AAR. Most of them worked at "Catch A Rising Star" in Harvard Square when I was the artistic coordinator there.

    peace, love and progress…


  2. Anonymous

    Answer: Clump.

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