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My Press TV “Face to Face” interview on 9/11 truth

Regular Truth Jihad Radio guest Martin Hill just posted this interview alongside the “Three Little Pigs Jew Scene” which I discuss at minute 6:55.  I point out that the evil vizier in Aladdin – the first Disney project after the company was acquired by Zionist Jew Michael Eisner – is an Arab Muslim stereotype based on the Jewish fuller brush man character in the Three Little Pigs:

3 Thoughts to “My Press TV “Face to Face” interview on 9/11 truth”

  1. DaveE

    Let's see….. 1933….. where does that ring a bell? Maybe the year Hitler came to power AND the year "Judea Declares War on Germany", like 17 minutes later?

    And this "Let's mock the Jew, cartoon style, schtick?" Isn't that maybe, shall we say, a little "cartoonish"?

    Maybe a little like this one, for example, probably made in the same Disney, MGM, etc. etc. studios, much more recently?

    Nice try. All the subtle references to the poor, persecuted Jew just ain't flyin' no mo'.

    Fortunately, even us lowly Goyim outgrow our Bugs Bunny years (and ears), eventually.

  2. Anonymous

    If you haven't done so already, would you please consider making even a small donation of $5 or $10 and help make this year's AIA Convention the most UNconventional EVER. They're getting close to meeting funding needs to send their entourage to the AIA Convention; please help if you can. Thanks.

  3. The “Walt Disney hated Jews and blacks” accusation is one of the most vile mistruths. The wolf/Jewish peddler was a barb directed at the Jewish bankers for their deceptive actions wrought upon Walt while he was building his dreams.

    In the original Three Little Pigs, there was a scene where the Big Bad Wolf disguised himself as a Jewish peddler to trick one of the pigs into opening the door. As soon as word leaked out about this scene, representatives of a number of Jewish organizations beat a path to Disney to get the 'offensive' scene removed.

    Disney removed the scene and told the Hollywood Jews that the scene was a spoof depicting Carl Laemmle's continuous efforts to "blow down the house of Disney." Julius Schenck of United Artists, which was distributing Disney productions, had carefully set a trap for Disney. Schenck recommended that Disney seek funding from the Bank of America, and personally contact UA's financial advisor at the bank, Joseph Rosenberg. He gladly opened a line of credit for Disney, but never gave him enough so he could be effective and later helped bring down the Disney empire. Disney constantly found himself the victim of walkouts by Jews he had hired or by Marxist agitators who were constantly forming unions in Hollywood.

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