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4 Thoughts to “FFWN: UK PM says “non-violent conspiracy theorists” as dangerous as ISIS”

  1. Anonymous

    I was sitting at a table at the local library and found a publication called 'brain in the news' from a foundation called 'the dana foundation'

    did you know that 'researchers' are stimulating the substantia nigra of the brain in order to modulate 'pathological reward-based learning, conditions such as substance abuse or problem gamblling'?

    so if I smoke weed and drink beer I am eligible for brain stimulation?

    or that darpa (the defense [sic] advanced research projects agency) has awarded two large contracts to create electrical brain implants capable of treating seven psychiatric conditions? the sick fucks want to be able to "use brain implants to read, and then control, the emotions of mentally ill [sic] people'

    so if I fucking detest the amerikan system of exploitation and work to destroy it am i mentally ill and eligible for brain stimulation?

    the fucks say that 'the u.s. faces an epidemic of mental illness among veterans, including suicide rates three or four times that of the general public. but drugs and talk therapy are of limited use, which is why the military is turning to neurological devices'

    doesn't it occur to these sociopaths that if amerikan mercenaries didn't slaughter innocent people they've been trained to hate, they might sleep better at night?

    and then there's something called fear disorder

    so if I'm afraid of being droned by the amerikan fascists in the middle of the night, i have a fear disorder and am eligible for brain stimulation?

    and did you know that the assassin in chief, one Barak Obama, has a BRAIN initiative?

    scary when psychopaths in power initiate any fucking thing…you know life is gonna die as a result

    are we fucked yet?

    subvert the dominant paradigm
    organize the insurrection

  2. cameron did you find out if we were on sirius in the orion galaxy yes or no?

    STFU cameron,

  3. les bougnoules on va tosu vosu mettre dans des camps, y en marre! are you going to stop threathening us, or we are going to war back… mossadnik cameron

  4. End around the conscience. How about a Golden Rule initiative for all the people of the book.

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