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“Khorasan”: False Flag Terror Group or Muslim Liberation Army?

My first Fars News Agency op-ed. (I wonder how this quote reads in Persian?)

“To appreciate the absurdity of the War on Terror in general, and such tragicomic episodes as the bombing of ‘Khorasan’ in particular, one needs an encyclopedic knowledge not only of Islamic history and eschatology, but also a certain familiarity with the strategic thought of such intellectual heavyweights as Sun Tzu, Machievelli, Père Ubu, Henry Kissinger, and Bugs Bunny.” 

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One Thought to ““Khorasan”: False Flag Terror Group or Muslim Liberation Army?”

  1. sorry, this comment is for false flag news. on ebola: don't you mean it can't emerge in the u.s. due to climate. it can still spread person to person in any climate. great show as usual. look forward to it. thanks.

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