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Tehran conference debriefing with Wayne Madsen and Jim Fetzer

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Ken O’Keefe, Pepe Escobar, Anthony Hall and Wayne Madsen in Tehran

Ex-NSA whistleblower-journalist Wayne Madsen just returned from the New Horizons Conference in Tehran. He writes:

I had a less than warm welcome at Boston Logan. Held and questioned for about an hour by US Customs/Border Patrol. And my iPhone was taken for about 15 minutes. I continue to have WiFi access to Logan’s WiFi hot zone — from Florida. I suspect the phone is hopelessly hi- jacked.  TSA did a number on the contents of my checked luggage en route Boston to Tampa. 

Wayne was lucky. Another New Horizons participant, Cyrus McGoldrick, had his laptop and phone stolen by CBP agents at the airport. He’s still trying to get them back.

Apparently the Zionist-dominated media and security establishment is worried about the New Horizon Conference.

Check out my article about the conference, Anthony Hall’s article, and
Eric Walberg’s article. Also check out conference participant Rev. Stephen Sizer’s response to the attacks on him from the usual Zionist suspects:

The Conference was also attacked by Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, who seems to be whoring for AIPAC money.

4 Thoughts to “Tehran conference debriefing with Wayne Madsen and Jim Fetzer”

  1. Anonymous

    Rock The Boat and Turn The Light On : Rats and Roaches Will Flee In Panic.

  2. Anonymous

    Not to one up Wayne, but Customs had me for 2 1/2 hours when I returned. They also held up the A380 before it departed LAX to interrogate and search me. This was in addition to the enhanced TSA search that I go through every time I board a plane.
    Art O.

  3. Mister Art Olivier if I am not mistaken, you should be flattered by that kind of attention. They are letting you know that you stand out, that is you are not just another a-hole zombie with a boarding pass.

  4. Anonymous

    Someone should ask Wayne Madsen if it is true that once you join the NSA, you can never leave? This is same tactic used when deployed Dennis Rodman to "interview" the Dictator in North Korea.

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