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Ian Henshall: Are “nonviolent conspiracy extremists” as bad as ISIS?

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron says “nonviolent extremists” – like 9/11 truthers – are as bad as ISIS. Ian Henshall, author of 9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence and 9/11 Revealed: The Unanswered Questions thinks those seemingly idiotic words were carefully crafted – and that they may have signaled a coming wave of repression against internet freedom and truth-telling.

In this interview we also discuss the ISIS deception, Western lies about Ukraine, the international banksters behind World War I and World War II, and other things David Cameron doesn’t want you to know about.

5 Thoughts to “Ian Henshall: Are “nonviolent conspiracy extremists” as bad as ISIS?”

  1. Anonymous

    Its possible that Bombrack O'Drone-ya has actually shifted our "war footprint" away from invasion with soldiers to high tech invasions…perhaps leading to criminal investigations of war crimes such as what happened on 9/11…which should NOT have been prosecuted with invasions but investigations instead. And perhaps even the use of the acronym ISIS is delibertaely being used to cleverly tie-in Israel with everything nefarious in the Middle East? And if not, or even if this video is dated or whatever?, then spreading this brasscheck TV short video all around the wolrd will have positive consequences.


    ISIS and the Mossad You know them as the Mossad, Israel's murder- for-hire intelligence agency. But you'll never guess what its official name is in Israel. Would you believe ISIS? Video:

  2. you see Kevin, we are far too strong for them, did you see Moazzam Begg claims that mossadnik cameron set up the fake hostages videos, months before the public knew… mossadnik cameron did his utmost to stop the information about uk hostages going public, why? cause he was with hollande and sheytanyahu preparing the isis -israel expansion from gaza to Baghdad to Tripoli to Nouakchott, it was a gas blitz that failed after the world woke up discovering that uk and france, israel were isis in fact and even brzezinsky srted to bomb them and their assets in iraq and syria…

  3. Anonymous

    Contrary to what Ian said on Kevin's show, there were no exit polls in Scottland. And the pre-election poll results from the week before show a large disparity when compared with the actual vote. Â,_2014

    Allan Rees

  4. Anonymous

    Allan is right, someone in the media must have misreported this as an exit poll.

    The only 10pm polling news we have is that YouGov did a recontact of the people who took part in their final poll during the day today to check for any late swing – amongst those people they did find some movement from YES to NO since the final polling, producing a final YouGov prediction of YES 46%, NO 54% (details are here).

    However my point remains: people arguing for ballot rigging need to have an explanation for why opinion polls predicted the result that occurred (eg the incorrectly named exit poll above).


  5. Anonymous

    I think the focus of the investigation should be "why were there no exit polls?" With an election of such geo political magnitude I would think that all of the media would be falling all over each other to do exit polls.
    Who stopped the exit polls?


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