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CIA Bin Laden hunter Michael Scheuer: WHO “hates our freedoms” ?!

Special 90-minute interview!
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Somebody around here hates our freedoms – but it isn’t al-Qaeda! That is the considered opinion of Dr. Michael Scheuer, a 20-year CIA veteran who headed the “get Osama Bin Laden” unit from 1996 through 1999.  During his tenure at the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, Scheuer had no fewer than ten opportunities to kill or capture Bin Laden that got nixed by higher-ups.

The impression that the high command didn’t want to stop Bin Laden continued post-9/11, as the US seemingly went out of its way to let Bin Laden and his associates escape, first from Kabul, then from Jalalabad, and again from Tora Bora. Since then, Dr. Scheuer informs us, the powers-that-be have chosen to bankrupt the USA in ruinous and pointless wars that have only served to vastly increase whatever animosity toward America existed pre-9/11. And they have lied outrageously about just about everything – including the real motivation of Muslim insurgents (not “terrorists”)…and the real geostrategic/security crisis America faces.

Do the establishment’s outrageous lies and insane policies stem from the Israel lobby’s death grip on American politics? Should we “dump Israel tomorrow“? Does Saudi money contribute to the corruption? How will Michael Scheuer react to my “Zionist coup d’├ętat” interpretation of 9/11? Who is it who REALLY hates our freedoms – and is destroying them? Tune in and find out what happens when a CIA anti-al-Qaeda chief meets a “radical Muslim conspiracy theorist” right here on Truth Jihad Radio!

Michael Scheuer is an Adjunct Professor of Security Studies at Georgetown University.  He is the author of four books on terrorism-related issues and has drawn ever-more-hysterical attacks from the usual neocon suspects.

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  1. Anonymous

    Re: Michael Scheuer Magnificent interview. Hope you don't mind if I post a link to it at my usual haunts (Facebook, various chat rooms, news forums). Because it is such a revealing interview: Wide eyed and earnest "ivy covered" professor lays his cards on the table openly and honestly; and is "schooled" by the more worldly and cynical retired intelligence officer. Michael Scheuer, after Robert Baer, is probably the "veteran CIA officer" most promoted on MSM channels. This was one of your best yet. He essentially admits to WTC7 and the Towers being blown up BUT demurs "… 9/11 is the past.." "… wouldn't be the first thing I'd missed in my life sir …. but 9/11 is PAST" You have to get your best audio editor to extract some great lines from that interview. With or without music background soundtracks, they will make fantastic "bumpers" for your broadcasts. Scheuer nailed it to the cross, then made sure to shove a spear (or a fork) in it. To make sure it was "dead". "9/11 ? It's over folks. Move on already." That was pretty much what Amy Goodman said in an unguarded moment to a long-time supporter. She shrugged her shoulders about 9/11 and said offhandedly "… it's probably too late anyway." Ralph Nader was more honest about personal motives to his long-time supporter. He said "I can't go there." So I, for one, was truly grateful to hear you extract that little nugget from the sphincter-tight mouth of Scheuer, because it now makes clear to me a very key strategic (psychological) method in keeping the truth at bay: Their underlying text is "Forget about it. It's too late. It doesn't matter.' or, as Scheuer put it with such crystal clarity: "9/11 is the past," Translation: It's over. Forget about it. (continued)

  2. Anonymous

    In the State of the Union speech last night, the "Al Qaeda in Afghanistan" featured prominently, although the 9/11 meme was not invoked explicitly. But does the "Al Qaeda threat" narrative sustain and perpetuate without 9/11 ? That's what Sandy Hook and the Boston marathon events were all about. Beginning the process of directly transposing the "threat" from "foreign" to "domestic" Look for the "blue-eyed Al Qaeda" boogeyman to be making more frequent cameo appearances in both "news" and "entertainment" media. Of course they will turn around and re-invoke the memory of 9/11 tomorrow if they feel like it. Per the sage counsel of "veteran CIA officer" MICHAEL SCHEUER, the clanging cognitive dissonance is supposed to be something we pretend to not hear. No matter how otherwise common sensical we might prefer to be. That's their strategy. Render the "details" of 9/11 (such as who did it) into the abstract PAST. Because in a world of quantum indeterminacy, at the extreme micro level of photons and electrons, it doesn't HAVE to be "determined". The "truth" with respect to the in-your-face gangsterism of 9/11 occupies a SUPERPOSITION combining 1) Yes we admit it was probably an inside job. 2) But now it doesn't MATTER, We conscious "intellectuals" and "truthers" are just supposed to "move on" and "get over it". I think your earlier interview with David Ray Griffin converged on this same moral end from another aspect. He predicted that one day soon all the gatekeepers and liars and shills willl "come out" as "9/11 truthers" or "9/11 inside jobbers" . They will all claim a miraculous Pauline "blindness and revelation on the road to Damascus". And still make thew claim that "it's too late to matter". ANYWAY. "9/11 inside job ? Whatever." Shades of Hannah Arendt's "banality of evil". Scheuer also called the officers' corps of the US military "cowards". You need to bumper that and shop it around. He obviously feels very strongly about it. Next Project: Smoke out Robert Baer for an interview. Maybe even slide in a question about WTC7 ? (Although I hear Baer is frequently occupied making career decisions for George Clooney.)

  3. Great comments!

    Yeah, he's in denial about 9/11. Still useful to let him vent, though. I wrote it up for Press TV:

  4. Anonymous

    Dr. Barrett, very interesting interview with Michael Schuerer bro. Funny how folks get to mumbling all tongue-tied when confronted with clear logical points and observations like building 7. You handled it nicely by not making my man too uncomfortable about maybe losing cushy Georgetown job by joining our ranks or worse yet getting taken out like bro. Splitting the Sky strolling thru the woods on sunny day. interesting piece here on blacks re-grouping in Libya to give payback on those racist wahabbi agents of the dajjal. Did you hear Shaik Imran was not allowed to fly thru US airspace recently enroute to Moscow from Havana? had to return to Trinidad.

  5. Anonymous

    Mr. Scheuer really nailed it home when he characterized AIPAC as a massive espionage network. You certainly are distinguishing yourself as having the best guests! Wish Mr. Rivero would bring more people on his show.
    –Pete Carroll link was great as well.

  6. Anonymous

    Scheurer is disseminating the same US imperailist propaganda disguised as some muck racking independent, campaigning rogue CIA functionary that is somehow reealing the truth. In reality it's a very clever way to sow seeds of propaganda. The twin towers were taken down by US air force drones. Bin Laden died in 2001 and was a CIA asset. Everyone knows Al-Qaeda and ISISI are a surrogate army for US/NATO interests just like the contras in Nicaragua

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