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Today’s Dynamic Duo News, featuring one-finger salute to the NSA

Iran has invited inspectors from the International Atomic energy agency to its Arak heavy water nuclear plant – the facility that Netanyahu and his Zionist agents in the US have been whining about the most. Next stop Dimona? The Israeli nuclear weapons facility at Dimona has never been inspected.  And this was a major issue between JFK and David Ben-Gurion, the first PM of Israel, because JFK opposed the development of nuclear weapons by Israel.  And the exchange between them can be found in “The JFK War: The disturbing case of Jim DiEugeio, LBJ and Israel” on Veterans Today

Yet Israel, an international outlaw and the world’s greatest nuclear rogue, has the unmitigated chutzpah to whine like a spoiled child about the peaceful Iranian nuclear energy program. Even General Hayden is going on the Sunday mainstream talk shows to flay Israel’s hypocrisy. Maybe it’s time to slap sanctions on Israel until it complies with the Non-Proliferation Treaty. The situation is especially absurd since Iran has no nuclear weapons program and, even if it possessed a few nukes, it could not think of using them against Israel without confronting its own annihilation.  The Israeli “victim card” has been overplayed on the world’s stage and has staled with time.

Alan Hart, an expert on the Middle East, believes that Israel is going to attempt the “ethnic cleansing of Palestine” by committing a false-flag attack, where Israel is the leading practitioner of false-flag attacks in the world.  Jim has published on two in Argentina, “False Flag Attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994“, where it blew up its own Embassy and then, when it did not attract sufficient publicity, its Jewish Community Center.  This appears to have been in retaliation for cooperation between Argentina and Iran in the development of the peaceful use of nuclear energy. For more on 9/11 Truth, which Alan Hart has endorsed, go to “The Complete Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference“, which Kevin moderated and Jim presented.  The destruction of the Twin Towers appears to have been done with a sophisticated arrangement of micro or mini nukes, where the buildings are blowing apart in every direction from the top down.

Maybe Gen. Hayden and other American leaders aren’t happy at the way Netanyahu tried to buy the last US Presidential election, by having Zionist mafia Godfather Sheldon Adelson throw a hundred million dollars at Mitt Romney.  Even former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert just lashed out at Netanyahu for “losing his head” and “declaring war on the United States.” This is the same Sheldon Adelson who has suggested dropping a nuke in the Iranian desert to induce it to stop its non-existent nuclear weapon’s program and, if it does not, then nuking Tehran, a city which has a population of 8-10 million. This is the Neanderthal thinking coming from the Zionist right, where a better plan would be to nuke the NSA facility in Utah instead.

Meanwhile, Israel has been convicted of genocide by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal. Israel has responded by intensifying its blockade and shutting down Gaza’s power and sewage systems, flooding the streets with sewage and threatening to cut off drinking water, ramping up the death rate from disease and malnutrition. A Palestinian reports: “Today in Gaza we have no cement to build graves for those who die.” So to counter the verdict of genocide, the Israeli response is to practice more of it–which is symptomatic of the extent to which its leaders have lost their way and their humanity.

In Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai threatened to revoke his Security Agreement with the US if even one more civilian is killed in a drone strike, where it appears that the US will remain in Afghanistan until it has looted that country of its vast mineral wealth.  The use of drones, including in Pakistan, has become a trademark of US violation of the sovereignty of other nations, which has led the UN to regard its actions themselves as “war crimes”. Probably as a form of retalation, it has been revealed that Karzai and other Afghan warlords and drug lords subsist on bags full of cash delivered by the CIA, as Karzai himself admitted last April. The CIA cash used to bribe America’s Afghan puppets is believed to come from the Agency’s heroin profits. But accenting this now may well be meant to tarnish him. 

New documents from Snowden show that the NSA is monitoring five billion cell phone records per day – that’s pretty much every cell phone on earth that’s being tracked. Other documents showed the NSA is running a J. Edgar Hoover-style program to dig up dirt on the on-line sexual activities of dissidents. Between DHS and NSA, we are in the grip of a fascist state. The British government responded by threatening to charge the Guardian newspaper with terrorism for publishing leaks from Snowden. Another Snowden document shows that Canada helped the NSA spy on the G-20 Summit three years ago. The NSA turned the US embassy in Ottowa into the command post for the spying operation.  Meanwhile the French newspaper Le Monde reported that French intelligence has been helping the NSA spy on French citizens.

If it sounds like we’re living in an Orwellian world, well, we are. According to a recent Slate Magazine report, every electronic item you own is hackable. Your cell phone, smart phone, laptop, ipad, power strip, maybe even your car – your whole life can be taken over by those NSA hackers. About the only think they can’t hack into directly is your brain – and they’re working on that. Since the NSA has not yet hacked into my brain, it remains capable of sending electro-chemical impulses down the nerve pathways through my arm and hand causing my middle finger to extend itself in a salute to the patriotic heroes at the National Security Agency who are working so hard to keep us safe from ourselves.

Israel has unleashed its shills to attack Rand Paul, the heir to the Ron Paul foreign policy of ending these wars, bringing our troops home and discontinuing foreign aide. Rand is being assailed for giving a “green light” to Iran to attack Israel, playing the victim card once more.  Israel has the largest cache of undeclared nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in the world, which means that, in light of us foreign policy guidelines, it should not be eligible for any foreign aide from the United States. It appears that anyone who believes in diplomatic rather than military solutions to the problems of the Middle East is going to be placed in the sights of the Israeli machine.

The liberal news media appears to be losing its appeal. William Colby, the former Director of the CIA, told us that the agency owns everyone of significance in the mass media.  Bob Schieffer, Tom Brokow and Brian Jennings, where Schieffer even featured a physician who was in Trauma Room #1 with JFK and personally observed the small entry wound to this throat and the massive blow-out to the back of his head, but where Schieffer simply ignored him in defense of the hopelessly indefensible “lone assassin” scenario.  Now the LBJ Foundation has conferred an award on George H.W. Bush, where LBJ was the principal facilitator of the assassination and GHWB appears to have supervised one of the JFK hit teams.  The situation is outrageous, but the media is under such complete control disgusting acts like this are reported as appropriate.

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  1. Anonymous

    Blame it on the testosterone, watch Dr. Strangelove again and live every day as if it were your last. The ideal of a noble brotherhood is a guiding fiction, healthy for the here and now, but a serious long shot for the future of our predatious species.

  2. Does the attempt to get almost everyone on to statin drugs, which slowly destroy both body and mind, have anything to do with all this?

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