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Convicted of genocide, Israel prepares new Holocaust

On November 25, Judge Yunus of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide.

Israel’s response: accelerate the genocide…

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Read expanded transcripts of my interview with Alan Hart:

2 Thoughts to “Convicted of genocide, Israel prepares new Holocaust”

  1. Anonymous

    Mr.Barrett, spot on with regards to Israel. The only addition I can offer is that Israel's ambitions are not limited to solely expanding in the occupied Palestinian territories. If they can neutralize Iran they can pick off Lebanon and Syria. BTW, Much of what you say can be confirmed in Stephen Green's book "Taking sides" written almost 30 years ago. In the book he mentions Kennedy assassination after turning down Israel's demands for nuclear material. I guess Israel figures if they can do in the US president they could get away with the USS Liberty episode…and they did! Maybe 9/11 too; who knows?
    Regards, Andy

  2. Anonymous

    War and conflict is the zionists purpose. The psychosis of the addict is always enabled by the enablers. Who benefits . . . Rothschild and their agents.

    Hidden historical perspective is pretty amazing.

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