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No Santa Claus?! That’s just a conspiracy theory!

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Truth Jihad Radio Christmas Special: Ethan Indigo Smith on the Santa Claus conspiracy! BONUS: Lots of weird Christmas music.

Ethan Indigo Smith is one of the smartest kids on our block. But he has some really crazy ideas. For instance, did you know that Ethan doesn’t believe in Santa Claus? He thinks all our parents are in on some kind of massive, elaborate conspiracy! Can you imagine how many people would have to be involved in such a conspiracy? Could the government, the media, and OUR OWN PARENTS really ALL be lying to us? And not even ONE conspirator has come forward to confess and be executed?! It’s ridiculous! If Ethan Indigo Smith is right, our whole world falls apart. We’d better dismiss him as a crazy conspiracy kid, and get back to writing those Xmas lists.

Ethan Indigo Smith is the author of A Holiday Hazing: Santa Claus Syndrome and other books.

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