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Free Ziyad Yaghi!

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Guest: Laila Yaghi, mother of Ziyad Yaghi – an innocent young American framed in one of the most absurd “terror” cases yet – which is saying something!

Laila Yaghi holding a picture of her imprisoned son

19-year-old Ziyad’s “crime”: He went to visit relations in Jordan. The FBI claimed he was plotting some kind of nebulous “terror attack.” Yet they couldn’t even hazard a guess as to who or what he was going to attack, how, or when.

The FBI followed Ziyad, wiretapped him, knew his every move – and found not a shred of evidence that he was even thinking of committing a crime of any kind. So they had to claim that when he discussed getting married, “getting married” was a code word for jihad. When he went to the beach in Egypt, they said “going to the beach” is code for jihad.

For thinking of getting married, and visiting the beach, Ziyad was sentenced to 31.5 years in prison.

In the eyes of the FBI, his real crime – like that of Tarek Mehanna – was refusing to tell the FBI the lies they wanted to hear. The FBI wanted Ziyad to be an informant, and to make up false accusations against men he (barely) knew. He refused to lie. So they ruined his life.

For more information, see: An Innocent Man Remains in America’s Gulag Today

Free Ziyad Yaghi

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