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“World Trade Center” scam exposed

David and Nelson Rockefeller smirking at their "built to blow up" monstrosities
Rockefeller smirks at what’s coming

The more we learn about the World Trade Center, the more it appears that the whole project – from its creation by New World Order chieftain David Rockefeller, to its explosive demolition on 9/11, to its current resurrection by insurance-fraud suspect Larry Silverstein – has been one gigantic scam…

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One Thought to ““World Trade Center” scam exposed”

  1. Anonymous

    I really like your article on the WTC Scam at VT!

    After (1) learning how far in advance these people plan and (2) reading The Most Dangerous Book In The World, I have no doubt that it's possible that the entire WTC project was built with 9/11 in mind.

    Fetzer had a great interview on Sandy Hook evidence last night with "Kelly from Tulsa."


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