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MSNBC blames “deeply racist” Alex Jones for Boston bombings – because he has a bigger audience than they do?

I’ve been defamed by the lamestream media more than once.

Hannity calls me “a nut.” The New York Times publishes an op-ed falsely accusing me of pushing my own political views on my studentsO’Reilly calls for me to be murdered in a mob hit. National Post editor Jonathan Kay publishes a book calling me a “left wing Holocaust denier” and quotes me as saying insane things I never said.

All in a day’s work.

But MSNBC’s recent claim that “deeply racist” Alex Jones is responsible for the Boston bombing is a smear too far.

I am not an uncritical follower of Alex Jones. I applaud his work, which is vastly better than 99% of the journalism and historiography being produced today. But I have also been known to criticize him when he makes a serious mistake – like dancing on the grave of anti-NWO martyr Hugo Chavez.

I think he’s too easy on the Zionists. And his delivery occasionally errs on the shrill, paranoid side.

But whatever Alex’s flaws may be, racism obviously is not one of them.

This has got to be just about the most ludicrous, unhinged, utterly deranged attempt at a smear job I’ve ever seen.

MSNBC’s whole premise – that 9/11 truth is “racist” and would inspire American Muslims like the Tsarnaev brothers to commit terrorism – is preposterous.

As I said last week:

“It should go without saying that Muslims who understand that 9/11 was an inside job would never, under any circumstances, carry out terrorist attacks targeting civilians.”

Read the full article: Tsarnaevs 9/11 truthers, not terrorists! 

The lamestream media mind-controllers chose me as their designated anti-Scholars-for-9/11-Truth whipping boy back in 2006 because I was saddled with six figures of student loan debt and was trying to support a family of four on income way below the poverty line. They knew I couldn’t afford a lawyer.

Alex Jones can afford a lawyer. His audience is bigger than MSNBC’s. Maybe that’s why they’re launching this desperate attack – because Alex and the rest of the alternative media are putting military-contractor-and-Zionist-owned MSNBC out of business.

Alex has already stated: “I am putting them on notice. I want massive retractions right now. This is your tort warning. You are now on notice.” 

To hell with “putting them on notice.”

Sue the bastards, Alex!

And finish putting them out of business.

I can’t wait to see what Alex Jones-owned MSNBC will look like.

2 Thoughts to “MSNBC blames “deeply racist” Alex Jones for Boston bombings – because he has a bigger audience than they do?”

  1. excellent stuff… an alex jones fan what do they mean here ….

  2. Anonymous

    You get called a racist whether or not you espouse racial ideas, that's how the left operates.

    Anti-racist is often a codeword for anti-white.

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