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Trump should go back to Israel, where he comes from: Analyst

Press TV If US congresswomen from other descents need to go back to their countries as US President Donald Trump has suggested, then the American head of state himself should go to Israel where his allegiance lies, says an American scholar. Dr. Kevin Barrett, an academic and political scholar based in Wisconsin, made the remarks in the aftermath of racist tweets by Trump, who has called on several female lawmakers critical of his policies to return to their countries of origin. In a series of tweets on Monday, Trump said the congresswomen — three of them Muslims — were “spewing” “racist…


MSNBC blames “deeply racist” Alex Jones for Boston bombings – because he has a bigger audience than they do?

I’ve been defamed by the lamestream media more than once. Hannity calls me “a nut.” The New York Times publishes an op-ed falsely accusing me of pushing my own political views on my students.  O’Reilly calls for me to be murdered in a mob hit. National Post editor Jonathan Kay publishes a book calling me a “left wing Holocaust denier” and quotes me as saying insane things I never said. All in a day’s work. But MSNBC’s recent claim that “deeply racist” Alex Jones is responsible for the Boston bombing is a smear too far. I am not an uncritical…