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US ‘aid’ destroys Egypt’s economy, democracy

US State Department honcho William Burns to El-Sisi:
“Kill as many demonstrators as you want, we’ll pay for it.”
American President Obama says he deplores the Egyptian junta’s decision to massacre peaceful protesters and declare martial law.

If he deplores it so much, why is he paying for it?

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One Thought to “US ‘aid’ destroys Egypt’s economy, democracy”

  1. Anonymous

    in reading your comments / book review about the Islamophobia etc, I was struck by several things. First, you're correct in your comments about Zionist conspiracy, NWO, etc, but you (in my humble opinion) need to distinguish between Jewish people, and fake Jews who are Jewish in bloodline, name, and / or lineage only. These latter are typified by the likes of the descendants of Mayer Amschel Bauer, who adopted the red shield, as the family coat of arms / crest in the mid 18th century then changed their surname to Rothschild (Red Shield). Associated bloodlines of his, include Goldman, Sachs, Warburg to name a few. Astor is another big bloodline, who also like Rotshchilds, is Illuminati, (Adam Weishaupt was the front aka figurehead – and a Jesuit to boot – if you want to know more about the agenda, illicit activities and manipulations, much more, of the Jesuits there's plenty of info available). I read that besides being one of the 4 majority owners of the Federal Reserve, (along with Rockefeillers, Morgans, Warburgs), the Rothschilds own Vatican Bank, veritably all the central banks, and the Bank of International Settlements, with possibly the controlling interest in the IMF too.
    I say this to say, that the reason that these Illuminati bloodlines are designated by me and others, as fake Jews, is that they do not subscribe to Judaism, but instead a combination of Luciferianism & Gnosticism mixed in with of course Theosophy – started by Helena P. Blavatsky.
    They subscribe to the idea propagated by Plato in the Republic, that the only form of government that's valid, workable, and good, is that of government by elite. Thus, their preoccupation with creating a one world government, aka NWO, ruled by them.
    This is such a vast, deep subject, that I cannot possibly cover it in an email. Suffice to say, I have spent the last 6 years since my interest was first piqued, by gentlemen / scholars such as Dr. William Schnoebelen, Dr. Tom Horn, Doc Marquis, Cris Putnam, David Ruffino, Wm. "Bill" Milton Cooper, Phil Scheider, and many more. Whilst there's some variations amongst them the major issues are pretty much agreed upon. Of course, we should all prepare for a NWO aka One World Government, at some point, as it was clearly shown to both Daniyel and Yochanan (Daniel and John the Revelator) in their respective works the Book of Daniel, and Book of The Revelation of John aka the Apocalypse of John.
    I am sure you would agree on the subject of Zionism, that all Jewish people shouldn't be tarred with that brush, and that many of them don't know anymore than the average Westerner, what's really going on.
    PS I enjoyed Fritz Dpringmeier's "Bloodlines of the Illuminati"

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