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Anti-NWO novelist Kenneth Anton discusses “Popsicle Man”

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It will be publicly broadcast Tuesday, August 20th, 11 to noon Central, (archived here).

Guest: Kenneth Anton, whose new book Popsicle Man: Solving the Puzzle of a 200-year Conspiracy lays bare the NWO takeover of America, from the establishment of the Rothschild-owned “Federal Reserve” to the banksters’ 9/11 coup d’├ętat…and outlines a revolutionary solution. The book does not shy away from naming names – and exploring the central role of Zionism in the New World Order project.


“Emerging from a state of Cryonic Preservation, the Popsicle man discovers a changed, hostile world and records his observations in a series of reports revealing an historical context to the secretive Powers That Be.  Ultimately, he discovers a cabal of Banker Dynasties who took over the Bank of England in the 19th century and later created the Federal Reserve in the 20th century. With the monetary control of both countries, the cabal gained colossal wealth and power. These self-made men are contemporary Illuminati, the enlightened ones, above laws, religion and morality. They casually create conflicts and manipulate markets to further their agenda.  From the beginning, the cabal very cleverly acquired media outlets, from wire services to radio/TV networks to movie studios and publishers, the whole gamut of news and entertainment. Today, they run the mainstream media, spreading propaganda and altering our perception of reality, while using the media to shield themselves and their crimes from exposure.”

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