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MSNBC blames “deeply racist” Alex Jones for Boston bombings – because he has a bigger audience than they do?

I’ve been defamed by the lamestream media more than once. Hannity calls me “a nut.” The New York Times publishes an op-ed falsely accusing me of pushing my own political views on my students.  O’Reilly calls for me to be murdered in a mob hit. National Post editor Jonathan Kay publishes a book calling me a “left wing Holocaust denier” and quotes me as saying insane things I never said. All in a day’s work. But MSNBC’s recent claim that “deeply racist” Alex Jones is responsible for the Boston bombing is a smear too far. I am not an uncritical…


Pat Buchanan avoids 9/11 truth, gets fired anyway

A few months ago, I offered Pat Buchanan a golden opportunity to speak out for 9/11 truth. Pat didn’t rise to the occasion. I asked Paul Craig Roberts, a friend of Pat’s, to bring Pat up to speed. Dear Paul Craig Roberts, I interviewed Pat Buchanan yesterday and brought up your excellent review of his book. He said you’re a friend of his. So when the conversation turned to 9/11, and we strongly disagreed, I urged him to talk to you about it. Here is my report on the interview, with the interview itself embedded.  In the unlikely event…