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Top Ten Reasons Obama Will Appear on Letterman instead of Meeting Netanyahu

“So David, are you ready for the top ten reasons I snubbed Netanyahu?”

 Obama to Appear at Comedy Show Instead of Meeting Netanyahu: Reports

US President Barack Obama will appear on a late night comedy show during a September 18 visit to New York at the same time he could have met Israeli premier, reports say. Reports by Israeli media outlets of Obama’s presence in David Letterman’s comedy show, instead of meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, come amid mounting tensions between the two allies over setting “red lines” by Washington on Iran’s nuclear energy program, a request the US has rejected.

Top Ten Reasons Obama Will Appear on Letterman instead of Meeting Netanyahu

10. His Presidential Joy Buzzer is out of order.

9. When Letterman says “we begin bombing Iran in 15 minutes” he’s just joking.

8. Some people actually care what Letterman thinks.

7. Obama has a bet with Gen. Dempsey to see who can give Netanyahu the biggest smackdown. Obama wins.

6. When Netanyahu invites you to dinner and serves filet of sole, it comes from a dead Palestinian’s foot.

5. He wanted to hand Netanyahu the maximum presidential snub, and Alfred E. Neumann wasn’t available.

4. A new poll showed that Jewish voters prefer Letterman to Netanyahu by a 94 to 6 percent margin.

3. Sheldon Adelman made Obama an offer he couldn’t refuse, and Obama refused. The horse’s head has been stuffed and mounted and hangs over Obama’s desk by a single hair.

2. “Benjamin Netanyahu” is actually David Letterman in disguise, doing a wickedly funny parody of Zionists so subtle it has thus far eluded the media gatekeepers AND the majority of the Israeli electorate.

1. Obama was invited to join a barbershop quartet with Netanyahu, McCain, and Romney singing “bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb-Iran” but Obama’s too cool for off-key white-boy a cappella.

18 Thoughts to “Top Ten Reasons Obama Will Appear on Letterman instead of Meeting Netanyahu”

  1. Anonymous

    I take great pleasure in seeing Israels rear kicked by the US. We have wasted enough lives and $ on them. If Iran is attacked, I hope they solve the Israel problem. We cannot have world peace as long as Israel is wagging the US dog.

  2. Anonymous


    what's chilling is the lack of an arrest warrant for the TERRORIST.


  3. Anonymous

    I think it is safe to say that an attack by Bibi with matzo balls and gefilte fish is imminent now.

    Google: Alan Sabrosky Israel did 911

  4. Anonymous

    Instead of bombing Iran…..whos the bigger threat to the entire world? I mean the OTHER bigger threat to the entire world.

  5. hp

    Gosh … no one seems to like Israelis very much.

    No one anywhere I go to read or comment or even to nap.

  6. Anonymous

    6. When Netanyahu invites you to dinner and serves filet of sole, it comes from a dead Palestinian’s foot

    I feel this sentence alone is worthy of yet another Brass Ballz Media Award…congrats!

    Your humor saves my sanity on a regular basis.



  7. The "Wheat & the Tares" are currently residing in Israel. Jesus commanded us to leave them both alone and His Holy Angels will do the separating of the two. (Matthew 13:24-30)

    What is there about "LEAVE THEM BOTH ALONE" is so hard for people to understand?

  8. Anonymous

    This site needs to change the captcha code generation to submit comments. It took me 10 tries to find a code that was HUMAN readable.

  9. Anonymous

    The bigger question is WHY is Netanyahoo, the REAL mastermind behind 9/11, allowed on US soil?

  10. Anonymous

    when the last zionist jew is killed?
    World Peace!!!

  11. Anonymous

    The biggest threat is the axis of evil; London, Washington, Tel Aviv, and Oddawa

  12. Anonymous

    Instead of bombing Iran…..whos the bigger threat to the entire world? I mean the OTHER bigger threat to the entire world.

  13. Anonymous

    The comment on the dead palestians filet of sole was inhumane and without taste. to derive any kind of humor from such is morbid and not fit for print!!! shame, shame, shame!!!

  14. Anonymous

    I've seen a lot more licking than kicking.

  15. I agree: The way Netanyahu and the rest of the Zionist genocide perps treat the Palestinians is NOT FUNNY.

    Humour noire takes things that are extremely unfunny, and wickedly satirizes them and/or blows off steam through dark & tasteless humor. If you can't handle occasional flashes of humour noir, don't read this blog.

  16. You know as an American Veteran who happen to be a Disable Vet as well, it makes me sick to my stomach that many American are liking the ass of Dickhead Natanyahoo, who insulted our Commander In Chief in the White House, when he basically told the President that he does not need him, because sold out US Congress are in his and APAIC pockets.
    Topping the list of ass kissers of the Zionists is none other than Mr. Romney who wants to be the next Commander In Chief, what an ass. He cannot comprehend that The Oval Office is what Unites this nation. No American who is Patriotic, can root for the person who disrespected our President in our backyard. Today it is Obama, tomorrow it could be Romney or anyone else in the future. We can have our differences of opinion or party affiliation, but we cannot forget outside local politics, we are One Nation and that is what it means to be American.

  17. Anonymous

    thanks for posting.

  18. Anonymous

    President John F. Kennedy encountered problems with the Israeli government regarding the production of nuclear weapons in Dimona. Although the existence of a nuclear plant was initially denied by the Israeli government, David Ben-Gurion, in a speech to the Israeli Knesset on December 21, 1960, stated that the purpose of the nuclear plant established at Beersheba was for "research in problems of arid zones and desert flora and fauna". When Ben-Gurion met with Kennedy in New York, he claimed that Dimona was being developed to provide nuclear power for desalinization and that "for the time being the only purposes (of the nuclear plant) are for peace".

    Kennedy did not believe this, and in May 1963 sent a letter to Ben-Gurion stating, "this commitment and this support would seriously be jeopardized in the public opinion in this country and the West as a whole if it should be thought that this Government was unable to obtain reliable information on a subject as vital to peace as Israel's efforts in the nuclear field."

    Ben-Gurion repeated previous reassurances that Dimona was being developed for peaceful purposes, and Israel firmly resisted American pressure to open its nuclear facilities to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections. According to Seymour Hersh, the Israelis set up false control rooms to show American inspectors. Abe Feinberg stated, "It was part of my job to tip them off that Kennedy was insisting on (an inspection)."

    The State Department argued that if Israel wanted U.S. tanks, it should be prepared in return to accept international supervision of its nuclear program. Kennedy had tried to control the arms being sold and given to Israel because the Israelis would not sign the IAEA compacts for the Dimona nuclear site, would not fully admit its purpose and continued to insist it was for peaceful energy purposes.

    (And we all know what happened in Dallas, in 1963.)

    In early March 1965, the director of the State Department's Office of Near Eastern Affairs, Rodger P. Davies, had come to the conclusion that Israel was developing nuclear weapons. He reported that the target date for acquisition of a nuclear capability by Israel was 1968-69. A science attache at the embassy in Tel Aviv concluded that parts of the Dimona facility had been "purposely mothballed" to mislead American scientists during their visit.

    Dimona was never placed under IAEA safeguards despite efforts made by various U.S. administrators and presidents. On May 1, 1968, Undersecretary of State Katzenbach told President Johnson that Dimona was producing enough plutonium to produce two bombs a year. Attempts to write Israeli adherence to the NPT into contracts for the supply of U.S. weapons continued throughout 1968.

    From that time until the present, Israel has amassed hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and not only continues to defy and ignore IAEA, NPT, and UN regulations, but also routinely threatens all other nations of the world with nuclear annihilation if anyone dares to interfere with their plans for world domination (Google: "Sampson Option", and "Israel’s Nuclear Submarines").

    Now . . . who do you think is the REAL rogue threat to world peace? Here's a clue: It certainly isn't Iran (or Mel Gibson, even).

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