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Professor Lori Handrahan: Does “Franklin Scandal” pedophile ring still run the USA?

Dr. Lori Handrah
Fri. 9/14/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.)

Dr. Lori Handrahan (Ph.D. London School of Economics) has reluctantly become an expert in the interrelated issues of human trafficking, pornography, and the pedophilia rings that, according to Nick Bryant’s research, reach the highest levels of power in the USA…and have almost complete blanket-impunity for the most atrocious crimes imaginable.

I say “reluctantly” because Dr. Handrahan, like so many of us, just didn’t want to believe this stuff…until she was finally forced to by horrific events she has personally experienced. Dr. Handrahan, like everyone else who has gone up against the elite pedophiles, has been subjected to a massive smear campaign – presumably orchestrated by those in thrall to the guilty parties. After looking at both sides of the story carefully, I’m convinced that she’s telling the truth as she sees it…and that her darkest suspicions unfortunately seem to be borne out by the overall evidence.

Dr. Handrahan is the author of “The Justice Department’s Child Porn Problem”Secret Service scandal reveals Obama’s leadership deficit, and other widely-read mainstream media articles on this painful but critically important subject. American University has recognized her work on protecting war zone children.

Don’t miss this controversial, ground-breaking story – another Truth Jihad Radio exclusive.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Lori will explain how this brand-new story is tied to her own case: 
Boston doctor charged with receiving child porn

21 Thoughts to “Professor Lori Handrahan: Does “Franklin Scandal” pedophile ring still run the USA?”

  1. Anonymous

    I was recently thinking about "multiple personality disorder" brought to the public consciousness by the movies, Three Faces of Eve, and Sybil. Sexual abuse at an early age is generally listed as the cause but it has occurred to me that this fracture can be brought on at any age by any number of means. I think this process may be one of the items that lies at the bottom of Executive Pedophile Rings, MK Ultra, Guantanamo, Bradley Manning's "isolation" style imprisonment.

  2. Absolutely right. That's why the CIA is protecting the perps – they work with them, as former CIA Director William Colby explained to John DeCamp right before Colby had his little "boating accident."

    Colby told DeCamp that the sickos currently run things, but in the long term it might be possible to overthrow them.

    Maybe the "long term" is now.

  3. most interesting Kevin… here in EU, nato and clandestine terror networks are running these pedo-pornophiles rings the most famous is the znadvoort ring, affaire marc dutroux… linking MI6 , CIA, DGSE…

    we hope long term is now cause this is a satanic abomination

  4. You've researched both sides carefully? How carefully? Have you spoken to Igor or Mila? Have you looked at every single court document available,including the ombudsman report?Have you read DHSS findings that substantiated LORI for child abuse? Have you read Milas 2 daycare providers protection orders against HANDRAHAN.Have you read the protection order Mila and her stepmother have against HANDRAHAN? Have you thoroughly read the timeline inclusive of Lori praising Igors parenting skills and talking about how much she loves him etc(the abuse allegations began when IGOR applied for a divorce) Have you double checked the dates of applications which will show you how the sex abuse claims started the DAY AFTER Igor applied for custody?. Do you know how little time Lori spent with Mila even when they were all together as a family?You would think Handrahan would quit this BS having been successfully sued for slander and defamation for her disgusting accusations about her ex and her DISGRACEFUL treatment of her own daughter..Who is terrified of her by the way,,or didn't you read the Cape Elizabeth police witness reports? Handrahan refused ALL contact with Mila for TEN months. There is a LOT more to this story then meets the eye. She lost custody because SHE was a child abuser among many other reasons,NOT because the State of Maine is conspiring against her,,Are you kidding? Smear campaign?? The only one on a smear campaign is herself there. A smear campaign means people are trying to discredit what you are saying..We are simply providing FACTS and PROOF that directly contradict ALL of Loris claims.It is NOT a smear campaign when it is the TRUTH. Ask Lori for proof of her BS? Go on ask.She will pull out 2 doctors letters that from 2 professionals who had never met,seen or SPOKE to Mila OR her father.Ask her for the police reports she filed against her ex about this alleged abuse because of course,if it were true, a mother would go straight to the police right? Wrong. Lori never did. Why? She knows what kind of trouble she could get into for making a false police report.We are simply trying to encourage people to go RESEARCH the case and not believe a woman simply because she has a phd and is a self imposed "child porn"expert..Laughable. Educated women can be crazy liars too you know..Read this for a start and then ask me to back up every statement on there with actual proof and you will see for yourself..Researched both sides my foot! Making yourself sound very foolish. For if you DID the neccessary research , you would see the truth for yourself! then see ..

  5. Oh right , my comment has to wait for approval, therefore won't be soon as it doesnt fit in with your own agenda of this so called "expose"…The truth in this matter makes for a far more interesting and disturbing story. Man up and admit you were duped.

  6. Sarah, if you think I spend my whole life staring at my screen so I can approve every comment in less than one minute, you're out of your mind. I've noticed that the people who go crazy when their comments don't immediately show up tend to be lunatic stalker smear artists (i.e. Brian Good). You're not doing your case any favors by ranting this way.

    I've talked to professionals involved in this case, looked at dozens of documents, and yes, I've seen these anti-Lori websites. It's a bizarre and complex case, and her take on it unfortunately seems highly plausible, given what we know about these things from the Franklin scandal.

  7. Anonymous

    Lori is also documented as having the worst case of narcissistic personality disorder every seen by an expert forensic psychologist; has been substantiated for severe abuse against her daughter; and has been deemed by prior employers as "unstable" and "crazy". Additionally, a half dozen DIFFERENT judges have found against her; she has failed to appear at EVERY court hearing regarding her daughter for over 2 years now, yet did appear in court to defend the websites from which she was deriving attention (and is currently in contempt of court for continuing to post up); and has lost a federal lawsuit for defamation of character of her ex-husband. Oh, and did I mention – has made NO attempt to contact her child by phone, by mail, by Skype, or in person for over TWO YEARS – the same child whose age she cannot remember – with the vast exception of when she brutalized and terrorized the 5 year old in January 2012, which 5 people witnessed and gave statements about the horror they saw that little girl subjected to.

    Be careful what you subscribe to Kevin. Because you will have your reputation destroyed by your association with her like so many other attorneys, journalists, co-workers and friends have found.

    PS Now it is the ex-CIA director Colby's widow? Funny, a week ago it was Warren Buffer's wife. Ironic, the latter was a lie, so too, I am sure, is the former.

  8. Anonymous

    "professionals involved in this case" ? Are you kidding me? What kind of professional can talk about this case without evaluating a child and a father. And these who did this case to the same conclusion over and over again – Mila is not abused by her Dad, and the only child abuse allegations that were confirmed bu DHHS investigation were against Lori. Oh, and by the way Anonymous, after their investigation were so mad that she wasted their time with her lies, that posted it online after they caught her lying.. Anons do the research for themselves and realize Lori's pathology and trail of lies and manipulation:

  9. The documents you looked at were all from Lori? I am ranting because this woman is a proven LIAR. It has been proven time and time again. I am not a smear artist..I am a child advocate a mother and have been trying to have Handrahans daughters info pulled from the web. You do know she posted on her site a picture of her daughters genitals and anus trying to convince people she was abused…Acceptable? I'd like to know what professionals you have spoken to.,as the 20 I know who were involved in this case all have the same opinion about Handrahan,,not including her 12 lawyers. And "your case",is not my case, it's Milas case. She has been unsuccessfully used and abused as a vehicle in which to ruin Loris ex husbands and his new wifes life. As I said open your eyes..We will continue our efforts to have Milas name and images removed from the www and the downright lies that were proven to be lies in every court , in DHSS, and lastly in front of a federal judge who determined that Lori was guilty of defamation and slander for her online rants. Again,I ask you to open your eyes and help us ensure that this crap she is spewing does not become her daughters digital legacy.

  10. Sarah, what are the odds that the richest lawyer in Maine is going to "just happen" to step up and offer millions in pro bono services to Lori's ex-? And that the lawyer is going to be able to judge-shop at will, rant like a lunatic in splatter-shot emails and courtrooms that he obviously owns, vaunt an insanely unprofessional relationship to his client, threaten everyone who helps Lori in the nuttiest, nastiest, and most unprofessional ways imaginable, and keep right on getting away with it? Getting a pro bono lawyer at all, even when you have a terrific and extremely important case, is like winning the bleeping lottery!! I mean, come on!!! If the ex's lawyer is NOT doing what Lori thinks he's doing, he's working as hard as he possibly could to make it look that way.

    And what are the odds that Lori's ex- will be busted for shoplifting children's cough syrup, the pedophiles' date rape drug, for innocent reasons?

    I could go on like this for hours, and will when I'm ready to publish. As I see it, either Lori has been slammed by a long series of one-in-a-million bizarre coincidences, all giving her good reason to suspect what she suspects (and be incredibly distraught and thus be vulnerable to smear campaigns like yours), or else she's barking up the right tree.

  11. The JonBonet Ramsey case here in Boulder, CO also provided a window into ultrarich pedophile perverts' lives, and how they can twist justice. I and a prominent local doc (who since died) tried to testify to the Grand Jury, but were thwarted by a corrupt DA. Here is our story, court filings, etc.:

  12. Anonymous

    My friends loaded the CTV interview up on You Tube…. We’re trying to get this to trend… grateful if you can share far and wide.


  13. They didn't hand her over because Mila is AFRAID of her, she was being subjected to dozens and dozens of unneccessary medical exams! And has since developed a phobia of doctors and hospital,understandably. Can you not see what's going on here Kevin?Things got pulled after people carried out research and realised the depths of Loris lies.. The DA was in trouble because she intervened on behalf of her good friend Judy Potter who was Handrahans 11th attorney at the time. So that should not have happened,,The police at the scene had the good sense to call DHSS to ask them could Mila go with Lori and they said CERTAINLY NOT…ARe they all pedos too?? What a joke,

  14. Didn't listen to the show but if she mentioned any names we should be grateful as her ex will be awarded an even bigger settlement.Even though no amount could compensate what she has put her ex and daughter through. Maybe you should speak to them.

  15. ps They are not anti lori websites they are the TRUTH,,Why is OK for her to spew lies on her site and have those she accuses not refute them?? Lori will NEVER admit her lies..Ask her to take a lie detector test like her ex did..She refuses..Why?

  16. How about you get someone from the other side of this case to ring in and ask Handrahan to answer some questions live on air..If shes telling the truth she'll agree to it surely? You do know that Mila was subjected to close to 30 medical exams which could find NO SIGNS of sexual abuse,,You know the only organisation that substantiated those coached claims was Spurwink who have since admitted they had to due to the childs disclosures despite there being NO physical evidence! MILA has stated several times that Lori makes her say bad things about her poppa,,once when in the company of that retired police chief Lori pays as her PI Steve Pickering. I am sooo anooyed she is even been giving a vehicle to spew more BS without the overwhelming evidence against her being acknowledged! OPEN YOUR EYES. You can email me a request for anything you want to see if you are willing to OPEN YOUR EYES.

  17. Hahaha you need to read her former employers "reference" about her. The president of a previous university she "worked" for..who described Lori as self serving and delusional..But sure you would have seen all that during your extensive research wouldnt you?

  18. hey Kevin. an actual real credible news journalist who Lori went to for "help" has done the research and guess what?? She will get her story…So this has backfired on her badly..And no, it wasnt just one judhe involved in Loris case and no Michael Waxman doesn't hand pick them.The cough bottle thing?|What a joke! So the fact there has never been any signs of physical or sexual abuse means nothing? The fact she never reported this alleged sexual abuse to the police means nothing? The fact that doctor after doctor start questioning Loris motives for bringing her daughter in constantly HOPING to find something!..Oh and guess what…According to AU..Handrahan is NOT even a professor there…Just a "professional instructor"…Though I suspect she won't even remain there in that capacity for too much longer.

  19. P.s Michael became friends with Igor and went to his wedding and everything..His ex wife is also friends with Igor and his new wife..they are all lovely,decent, good people.You need to know the lengths Lori has gone to to get at Waxman,including threatening him with a known criminal with psychiatric issues..Giving out his home address, harassing his family,trying to get people to get to his kids,,You have NO idea.I do not blame Michael for being pissed off.Igor went to him as a helpless victim against Handrahans craziness..Michael researched and saw it for what it was and agreed to help..Handrahan did NOT like this and thus the pedophile accusations started against him also.,when the DHSS substantiated her for abuse,,They also became involved in this "pedophile ring" did the Ombudsman,the Judges,the police dept,Maine Childrens Alliance..etc,etc..Can't you see how she operates yet?All kinds of crazy,,you should checkout all 20 of her Twitter accs to see for yourself.LMAO at accusing me of running a smear campaign when i am only stating facts..Lori has accused ME of actually being Waxman, then I became his lover and at one point I have been in this pedophile ring too..LMAO..Yes ,she's the victim of a smear campaign(note the sarcasm)Shame on me for speaking the truth and trying to have her daughters digital legacy removed,Can you imagine the horror that girl will feel when she googles her name one day?Sees what her mother has done?Held her up as a poster child for an abuse which DID NOT HAPPEN! Posted pics of her genitals on her site for any creep to see?What kind of mother does that?? She's no mother Kevin.Wake up.

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