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Geoengineering expert Michael Murphy, 9/11 consensus-engineer Tod Fletcher

 First hour: Michael Murphy‘s two films on chemtrails a.k.a. geoengineering have raised public awareness  by quantum leaps. The brand new one, Why in the World Are They Spraying?, makes a strong case that geoengineers are poisoning our planet with massive aerosol spraying of toxic metallic nano-particles from airplanes – and suggests that while the ostensible reason is benevolent (“stop global warming!”) the real agenda is global control. Michael joins Truth Jihad Radio to give us the latest updates on this increasingly ominous-looking issue.

Second hour: Tod Fletcher, who has worked closely with Dr. David Ray Griffin, is a member of Consensus 9/11, a panel dedicated to figuring out what we can all agree on about 9/11. I strongly support their efforts. Their latest press release begins:

NEW YORK, September 10, 2012 –  A Panel of 22 researchers into the history of 9/11 has uncovered evidence of fraud in the photographic images of Muslim hijackers prior to boarding the planes on 9/11…

Note to the Consensus panel: Shouldn’t that be “ALLEGED Muslim hijackers”?  Or, more accurately, “innocent patsies” ?

Or am I placing myself outside the consensus by stating the obvious?

I guess that’s why they’re doing “consensus” while I’m on a “truth jihad”!

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