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FFWN: World War III? Tanks But No Tanks! (with E. Michael Jones)

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by noon Central time Saturdays. Watch on BitChute PSA o) Help FFWN Save Our Monuments and Memorials from Zelensky! 1) Join us at the Lincoln Memorial at 12:30 pm on Sunday, February 19th, on the anniversary of the Ukraine War and President’s Day Weekend, to Rage Against the War Machine! WW3: Tanks But No Tanks 2) Tanks, but no tanks: What’s the matter with Germany?  3) Is the demand that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz green-light the export of Leopard 2 tanks more about hurting Germany than helping Ukraine? 4) GERMAN GENERAL…


Geopolitical Experts The Saker & Eric Walberg on the Shocking Murder of Gen. Soleimani—& Looming WW3?

Listen HERE First 25 minutes: The Saker is one of the alternative media’s leading geopolitical/strategic thinkers. He says he literally couldn’t believe the news that Trump murdered Gen. Soleimani, thinking it must be a mistranslation: “It’s beyond outrageous. They’re freaking out because they’re losing power, and they need to reassert themselves. There’s a vital need, both internal and external, to reimpose the image of the hegemon that you cannot defy with impunity. And I think that kind of primitive restatement, re-establishment, of hegemony is what’s behind (the assassination).” The Saker says Trump and Pompeo “are both arrogant, both narcissistic, and…