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Geopolitical Experts The Saker & Eric Walberg on the Shocking Murder of Gen. Soleimani—& Looming WW3?

Listen HERE First 25 minutes: The Saker is one of the alternative media’s leading geopolitical/strategic thinkers. He says he literally couldn’t believe the news that Trump murdered Gen. Soleimani, thinking it must be a mistranslation: “It’s beyond outrageous. They’re freaking out because they’re losing power, and they need to reassert themselves. There’s a vital need, both internal and external, to reimpose the image of the hegemon that you cannot defy with impunity. And I think that kind of primitive restatement, re-establishment, of hegemony is what’s behind (the assassination).” The Saker says Trump and Pompeo “are both arrogant, both narcissistic, and…