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Geopolitical Experts The Saker & Eric Walberg on the Shocking Murder of Gen. Soleimani—& Looming WW3?

The Saker

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First 25 minutes: The Saker is one of the alternative media’s leading geopolitical/strategic thinkers. He says he literally couldn’t believe the news that Trump murdered Gen. Soleimani, thinking it must be a mistranslation:

“It’s beyond outrageous. They’re freaking out because they’re losing power, and they need to reassert themselves. There’s a vital need, both internal and external, to reimpose the image of the hegemon that you cannot defy with impunity. And I think that kind of primitive restatement, re-establishment, of hegemony is what’s behind (the assassination).”

The Saker says Trump and Pompeo “are both arrogant, both narcissistic, and they both have this attitude ‘we’ll screw you, we’re the best.’  It’s a messianic attitude that says ‘we’re above the law, nothing applies to us that applies to everybody else, we get to make the calls, and we don’t care what you think.'”

But it isn’t working: “The emperor is naked. It’s coming out that the (Anglo-Zionist) Empire doesn’t have any real means of influence. And nobody’s afraid of it. The Iranians are not afraid of the Empire. We can see that very clearly. Not even the Iraqis, who are in a much worse position. They’re not afraid.”

Final half hour: Author, journalist, and geopolitical analyst Eric Walberg  says Trump-Pompeo’s murder of Soleimani was “shattering. It will continue to resonate for years, for decades.”  He talks about “how appalled I am that no-one in the US, no public figure, is actually condemning the assassination. (Bernie) Sanders is saying you don’t do this, this is illegal. But he didn’t condemn the fact that they’re killing who we see as a heroic figure…(In Canada) even Justin Trudeau, our silly little prime minister, spoke out very strongly, directing his comments to Trump: ‘It’s because of what you did that our Canadians died in that plane.”

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