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Joel Simpson: Was Al-Aqsa Storm Another 1916 Easter Uprising?

Listen HERE Joel Simpson has “had careers in college teaching, jazz piano and music software” but is happiest now as a professional photographer. He also has a good eye for truth (as opposed to “public myth.”) When I was censored at the Left Forum in New York, Joel wrote a terrific report. In it, he writes: “Growing up, as I did, in the traumatic shadow of the Holocaust, I embraced Zionism as a young person—it was the dominant ideology of my Jewish education—insensitive to its implicit racism, and only came to realize its truly oppressive dimensions in the early 1980s.” Since…


BREAKING! Four (4) Carrier Strike Groups Deployed! WW3 Imminent? NOT! (with E. Michael Jones)

Full uncensored FFWN normally posted above by 1 pm Eastern time Saturdays. This week we’ll post early—Thursday by 1 pm Eastern—to accommodate Dr. Jones’ schedule. PSAs 0) Help FFWN “shoot” MSM sitting ducks 1) Free Reiner Fuellmich  and Craig Murray, Arrested for Supporting Hamas and Hezbollah Breaking 2) BREAKING! Four (4) Carrier Strike Groups Deployed! WW3 Imminent! 3) U.S. Deploys Large Force – Eyes On Syria 4) Even MSM Scoffs at Israel’s Hospital Bombing Story but Biden pretends to buy it as furious millions protest worldwide including hundreds arrested at US Capitol 4.5) Chris Hedges, Caitlin…


Gazans Break Out of World’s Biggest Concentration Camp

Kevin Barrett and Robert Fontina join Press TV’s rolling coverage of the 10/7/2023 mass concentration camp breakout in Gaza, Occupied Palestine. For more information see Gazans Break Out of World’s Biggest Concentration Camp Nonviolence didn’t work, so they had to shoot their way out My preparations for this weekend’s False Flag Weekly News, with its tongue-in-cheek lead story suggesting that Wednesday’s emergency alert’s hidden message was “killer tranny Sarah Ashton-Cirillo is on the loose,” were shockingly interrupted by the Gaza concentration camp breakout. Suddenly, the emergency alert was real—and being sounded all over Israel. As usual, Western morons blamed…