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BREAKING! Four (4) Carrier Strike Groups Deployed! WW3 Imminent? NOT! (with E. Michael Jones)

Full uncensored FFWN normally posted above by 1 pm Eastern time Saturdays. This week we’ll post early—Thursday by 1 pm Eastern—to accommodate Dr. Jones’ schedule.


0) Help FFWN “shoot” MSM sitting ducks

1) Free Reiner Fuellmich  and Craig Murray, Arrested for Supporting Hamas and Hezbollah


2) BREAKING! Four (4) Carrier Strike Groups Deployed! WW3 Imminent!

3) U.S. Deploys Large Force – Eyes On Syria

4) Even MSM Scoffs at Israel’s Hospital Bombing Story but Biden pretends to buy it as furious millions protest worldwide including hundreds arrested at US Capitol

4.5) Chris Hedges, Caitlin Johnstone, Kevin Barrett: Israel Is a Pathological Liar

Al-Aqsa Storm: Historical Context


6) American Pravda: The Forgotten Anthrax Attacks

Al-Aqsa Storm:What Really Happened?

7) The Secrets Hamas Knew About Israel’s Military (NYT)

8) How Palestinian resistance gained upper hand with strategic military operation

Hostage Crisis, Truth Crisis

9) Israeli forces shot their own civilians, kibbutz survivor says

10) Hamas treated captives humanely, Israeli troops slaughtered own people, says survivor

11) Hamas releases video of Israeli hostage as US, international pressure to release captives intensifies

12) How Hamas’s carefully planned Israel attack devolved into a chaotic rampage (WaPo)

Vicious Propaganda War

13) Fake News Stories Blame Gazans for Old Israeli Atrocities

14) Iranian women lead the fight against a vicious propaganda war

15) The language being used to describe Palestinians is genocidal

Zionists Are Such Nice People

16) Adviser to Netanyahu’s wife calls for torture of Gazans to death amid heavy blow from Hamas

17) Israeli ruling party member calls for nuclear bomb attack on Gazans

18) Israeli regime’s use of white phosphorous bombs in Gaza, Lebanon

19) Landlord kills six-year-old Muslim boy and stabs mother in Illinois hate crime

20) NY Jews celebrate and fund genocide with cigars and bourbon

21) Yellen Says US Can Afford Two Huge Wars at Once (Why Not 3, 4, or 10?)

Kill the Messenger

22) Israel assassinates 16 journalists and injures 20 others in Gaza

23) Hezbollah protects journalists when nobody else will


24) Dozens arrested outside White House during protest over Israel-Hamas war

25) China and Russia criticize Israel as divisions with the West sharpen

26) Saudi Crown Prince ‘Humiliates’ Blinken Over Israel; ‘MBS Kept U.S. Diplomat Waiting…’

RFK Jr.: Good News Bad News

27) Kennedy Is Right on Vaccines

28) Kennedy Is Wrong on Israel

29) “If I Don’t Make it Back Alive…”  A closer look at the armed man (disguised as a U.S. Marshal) who demanded a meeting with RFK, Jr.

Purrty Weird

30) British cat’s 54.59-decibel purr breaks world record – Muse the Cat will take a shot at it if you donate to FFWN

31) Google Maps Identifies “Secret Squirrel Facility” in Texas

3 Thoughts to “BREAKING! Four (4) Carrier Strike Groups Deployed! WW3 Imminent? NOT! (with E. Michael Jones)”

  1. Cat McGuire

    Shahid Bolsen’s intriguing video postulates there was wide coordination by Big Islam to not just help Hamas, but to reconfigure the entire Middle East as part of the new, growing muscularity of multipolar players.

    Going along with Bolson’s premise that the unhinged settler colonialist project known as Zionism is going down, I seriously doubt that would be the end of Jewish supremacism. I wonder how an end to Zionism would affect World Jewry strategies as ZOGs’ true face is revealed to be JOGs.

    Which sort of begs the question, who is calling the Zionist shots for this war? Israeli Zionists or US Zionists? Or is it an equal partnership? I’m thinking Israel is ultimately the junior partner to the US Jews, and I’m not talking Blinken. More like Larry Fink trumps Bibi Netanyahu.

    Normalisation, War & the One State Solution

  2. Maisoon

    No such thing as Jews for peace. Period

  3. Maisoon

    No such thing as Jews for peace. Period and NO I have not already said that

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