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LIVE RADIO! Anthropology Prof. Virginia Abernethy on “Born Abroad”; Int. Affairs Prof. Michael Brenner on “America Declares War”; Psychology prof. Kevin MacDonald on “Pro-Israel Financial Muscle” and more

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Today’s show features three American professors who have been attacked and/or marginalized due to their political views. I don’t fully agree with these three academic colleagues, but I respect their courage and independence of mind, and urge you to listen carefully to what they have to say.

First half-hour: Anthropology professor Virginia Abernethy is the author of the new book Born Abroad. From her publisher: “Dr. Abernethy, who was born in Cuba in the 1930s to American parents and who is bilingual in English and Spanish, is a Harvard-trained scientist and an activist. She has been a leading voice in issues spanning fertility in the United States and the effects of unbridled immigration, including its economic damage to working Americans. Because of her long years of experience, her academic achievement at elite American universities, and her role as an outspoken woman, she is a threat to the establishment’s devotion to Cultural Marxism and multiculturalism.”

Second half-hour: International Affairs professor Michael Brenner discusses his brilliant new article “America Declares War.” It begins: “American foreign policy has set the country on a course destined to lead to a world of rivalry, strife, and conflict in the foreseeable future. The United States has declared ‘war’ on China, on Russia, on whomever partners with them. That ‘war’ is comprehensive – diplomatic, financial, commercial, technological, cultural, ideological. It implicitly fuses a presumed great power rivalry for dominance with a clash of civilizations: the American-led West against the civilizational states of China, Russia, and potentially India.”

What’s especially odd about this pointless war on the world is that it has never even been debated: “We have heard nothing in the way of a sober, rigorous explication of why and how China or Russia poses so manifest a threat as to dictate committing ourselves to an all-out confrontation. Nor do we hear mention of alternative strategies, their pluses, and minuses, nor are there candid expositions of the costs that will be incurred in their implementation. Most certainly, silence reigns as to what happens if this audacious, all-or-nothing strategy fails – in whole or in part.”

Despite the thunderingly obvious fact that “America Declares War” compares favorably to almost everything being cranked out by American foreign affairs specialists, the CFR, NYT and WaPo apparently didn’t want it, so I had the honor of breaking the story.

Second hour: Evolutionary Psychology professor Kevin MacDonald has recently posted about the doxxing and smearing of Harvard students who support Palestine; an alleged Danish bad experience with Palestinian immigrants; and a politically-incorrect piece on the conflict in Occupied Palestine that will annoy people on both sides.

Do Palestine and the USA both have an immigration problem? If so, Palestine’s is obviously orders of magnitude worse. Or so it seems to me. But let’s check with Prof. MacDonald and get his take.

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