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Jim Fetzer and callers (maybe including Paul McCartney?) on “Paul is dead”

Friday 4/10- Listen live – 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution Radio:  – click on the “Studio B” button. To be rebroadcast Sunday 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot. Jim Fetzer believes Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike. I’m not convinced.  So I have invited Paul and anyone else who’s interested to call in to tonight’s live broadcast and share their views. See my new VT article: Dear Paul McCartney: Please call in to my show tonight and PROVE you aren’t dead! Paul is reputed to believe…


Jim Fetzer on Paul-is-Dead; Richie Allen’s “mainstream radio truth”

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FFWN: Bibi’s speech, false flag follies, & “did Paul McCartney die in 1966?”

See my new Veterans Today article on is broadcast: Barrett-Fetzer slugfest: “Did Paul McCartney die in 1966?” Plug for FFWN 1) FCC net neutrality ruling helps keep us in business Bibi’s Bo(eh)ner 2) Netanyahu threatens war in speech 3) Decrying ‘insult,’ House Democrats seethe after Netanyahu address 4) Netanyahu has cross the point of no return on Iran 5) Saudis said ready to aid Israel in Iran attack 6) Netanyahu’s insult to the United States 7) Report: Obama threatened to shoot down IAF Iran strike 8) Rouhani rejects Netanyahu’s anti-Iran speech as ludicrous 9)…