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Sterling Harwood on “Paul Is Dead,” “Moon Hoax,” and Other “Outrageous Conspiracy Theories”

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Philosophy professor Sterling Harwood, another academician who isn’t afraid of controversial topics, discusses his excellent book The Greatest Mystery of the Beatles: Critical Thinking on Paul is Dead & the Skeptical Sixties. Is there really any evidence suggesting that Paul McCartney died  in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike (of equal or greater talent and able to play left-handed bass while singing Paul-style harmonies?!) The surprising answer is yes, there is actually some interesting prima facie evidence…in fact, a very long list of clues, some of them more interesting than others. So what is the best explanation for the existence of that evidence—as well as the strong counter-evidence that the original Paul is still alive and well?

Professor Harwood’s book also debunks the Bugliosi/Warren Commission version of the JFK assassination, and considers purported evidence that the Apollo moon landings were faked.

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