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FFWN: Bibi’s speech, false flag follies, & “did Paul McCartney die in 1966?”

See my new Veterans Today article on is broadcast:

Barrett-Fetzer slugfest: “Did Paul McCartney die in 1966?”

Plug for FFWN
Bibi’s Bo(eh)ner
4) Netanyahu has cross the point of no return on Iran
6) Netanyahu’s insult to the United States
7) Report: Obama threatened to shoot down IAF Iran strike
8) Rouhani rejects Netanyahu’s anti-Iran speech as ludicrous
9) Wesley Clark critiques Netanyahu speech
11) “NO, Mr. Netanyahu – You do not speak for American Jews”
12) Full text of Bibi’s speech, corrected for factual accuracy (satire)
13) UN wants Israel to explain 1500 deaths in Gaza
False Flag Follies
15) Wrong body, no blood at Moscow shooting
16) Defense attorney-“Dzhokhar did it!”
19) CT Woman tells Public Safety and Security Board, “Sandy Hook was fake!”
21) Media knows spreading fear of terrorism sells (but it’s CIA copy)
War on Freedom
22) Chicago PD running CIA-style disappear-and-torture “black site”
25) Canada’s Harper wants to make free speech “terrorism”
26) Department of Justice to go after bloggers who support ISIS as “terrorists”
27) Department of Justice–No “due process” for pro se plantiffs
28) Obama bans standard ammo on false grounds
Geopolitical Meltdown
29) China warns US: Leave Russia alone
30) Lord Rothschild issues warning of “most dangerous geopolitical situation”
32) Venezuela president says has captured U.S. pilot accused of ‘recruiting citizens to stage a coup’
Hoax alerts!
35)  Hollywood Studio Caught Producing ISIS Videos
Odds & Ends
38) Fukushima contamination of fish confirmed

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: Bibi’s speech, false flag follies, & “did Paul McCartney die in 1966?””

  1. Anonymous

    Barrett and Fetzer are the Lennon and McCartney of the conspiracy world. Rock on, guys!

  2. Anonymous

    The Jewish Lobby is in "full howl" over Farrakhan's recent comments:
    "Farrakhan on 9-11: What You Need to Know"

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