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Jim Fetzer on Paul-is-Dead; Richie Allen’s “mainstream radio truth”

Broadcast March 9th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on
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First 20 minutes: On this week’s False Flag Weekly News, Jim Fetzer and I got into a Barrett-Fetzer slugfest: “Did Paul McCartney die in 1966?”   So I gave him fifteen minutes to give me the short version of the evidence for the Paul-is dead-theory, and played some Beatles music with lyrics that arguably support Jim’s hypothesis. Paul McCartney, if you’re out there listening to Truth Jihad Radio, please contact me to come on the show and rebut Jim!

Last 40 minutes: I join the Richie Allen show – the most truthful mainstream talk radio you’ll ever hear anywhere – to discuss elite pedophilia and blackmailed politicians; my battle with Fox News; Karl Rove & co.; the fallout from the Charlie Hebdo false flag operation, and more.

5 Thoughts to “Jim Fetzer on Paul-is-Dead; Richie Allen’s “mainstream radio truth””

  1. Anonymous

    The late Ray Manzarek of the Doors once wrote a book which may or may not be based on the story of when Jim Morrison faked his own death….

  2. Anonymous

    Just for the record, I have to say that after looking into it a bit this morning, I am no longer quite
    so confident that Paul isn't dead! I still think it's probably the same person but it is starting to feel
    closer to an article of faith than pure reason. It is not as obviously ridiculous as I had thought – esp.
    with that Wired Italy article. So, another casual "certainty" falls. Oh well….

  3. Anonymous

    Also while in Hamburg, Paul got a local girl pregnant, and years later tried to sue, but the dna did not match the new Faul, some thing to think about, along with the arrest in Japan, that had different prints compared to the German prints, when he was arrested in Germany for vandalism, then let go., What a large onion we have to peel??

  4. Anonymous

    The thing is all you have to do is slow things down take a deep breath and drop your normal defenses: This could have been kept a secret and what about this or that. If you can get a hold of pre '66 pictures and post "66 pictures and really look, really see -they are two different men!

  5. I am an artist. I have been able to draw since I could walk. These two men have different faces although they are similar looking. I couldn't care less about naked footed people on album covers or the rest of those silky so called secret messages. Surely as I am breathing right now, I tell you: these men have 2 different faces.

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