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ISIS “too extreme for al-Qaeda”

ISIS: Another false flag? “Getting kicked out of the Church of Satan for being too evil – now THAT is impressive. But the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has managed an equally impressive feat: They have been expelled from al-Qaeda for being too extremist in their approach to terrorism. Too extreme for al-Qaeda?!” Read the full article at Press TV


DDWN for this week: Super Bowl 9/11 truth blowout, and more!

False-Flag News 1) 9/11 Truther at MVP press conference  2) Super Bowl champs’ coach 9/11 truther? 3) CIA Agent reports US and Israel created al Qaeda  4) Death sentence to silence Dzhokhar Tsamaev? 5) Congress approves more state-sponsored terrorism against Syria 6) Karzai has secret contacts with Taliban Snowden & Cyber-Tyranny 7) Snowden talks, US suppresses  8) GCHQ secret unit uses DDOS attack tactics against Anonymous – Snowden leak  9) Clapper calls for Snowden “and accomplices” to return documents Israel/Zionism 10) New York attempts to ban academic boycotts  11) Has AIPAC’s clout been diminished?  Syria 12) Congress approves more state-sponsored…


US false-flags ravage Afghanistan – Super Bowl next?

Summary by Jim Fetzer: The biggest alse flag ever? We began with the complaint from the President of Afghanistan that recent terrorist attacks were being perpetuated in his country by US forces, which makes excellent sense when you appreciate that the US wants to stay there to complete its looting of that nation’s vast mineral resources, including one of the world’s largest deposits of lithium, which is used in computers, in triggers for nuclear weapons and in electric car batteries.  So we (the US) are creating chaos in a desperate attempt to induce President Karzai to allow us to stay. …