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US false-flags ravage Afghanistan – Super Bowl next?

Summary by Jim Fetzer:

The biggest alse flag ever?

We began with the complaint from the President of Afghanistan that recent terrorist attacks were being perpetuated in his country by US forces, which makes excellent sense when you appreciate that the US wants to stay there to complete its looting of that nation’s vast mineral resources, including one of the world’s largest deposits of lithium, which is used in computers, in triggers for nuclear weapons and in electric car batteries.  So we (the US) are creating chaos in a desperate attempt to induce President Karzai to allow us to stay.  He  is acting in behalf of the best interests of his nation, which is  especially admirable, since he was installed as a puppet by the United  States.  Those “false flag” attacks are far more stunning than (what  appears to be the latest at home), the bombing at a mall in Columbia,  MD, which seems to fall into the pattern we see at Tucson, Aurora,  Sandy Hook and more.

Dr. Michael Scheuer, who headed the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, has come  around to recognize that there is a major threat to the world from  Zionist forces and their allies.  While Jim believes he has shown a  “slow-learning curve”–“During his tenure as chief of the CIA’s Bin  Laden unit from 1996 to 1999, Michael Scheuer says he had ten  opportunities to capture or kill Bin Laden. Each time, he was ordered  to desist. It was almost as if Bin Laden was being protected by  higher-ups”–Kevin gives him credit for his gradual awakening to the  underlying menace of Zionism.  (See “Zero Dark Thirty: The deeper,  darker truths” for more about the second death of Osama bin Laden.)  Scheuer claims that al Qaeda is a real and growing threat within the  US, which is completely absurd, since al Qaeda was a creation of the  CIA and Osama bin Laden was “our man in Afghanistan”.  Kevin takes him  more seriously than does Jim, who thinks he is a joke.

Multiple warnings are surfacing about a possible “terrorist attack” at  the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, some of which are extremely  specific.  There are reasons why this cannot be completely dismissed,  including that DHS would like nothing better than to create a event to  justify the declaration of military law by President Obama.  Governor  Christie is in deep political trouble and could use such an attack to  refurbish his reputation, just as Rudy Giuliani did in the wake of  9/11, where there can be scant doubt that he was complicit in its  planning.  The use of chemical weapons that are especially painful and  slow-acting has been suggested as the stuff of great television  horror.  We have long known that another major false flag attack has  been in the planning.  Let’s hope that it will not play out Sunday and  that the Seattle Seahawks cruise to victory.

Jim misreported The New York Times endorsement of the Holocaust by  endorsing a book, AND EVERY SINGLE ONE WAS SOMEONE, which reprints the  word “Jew” 6,000,000 times.  Since there is no historical  justification for that claim, where the records of the International  Committee of the Red Cross would support the deaths of some 270,000  Gypsies, Jews, and mentally or physically infirm, they could not  actually have 6,000,000 names, but where (what is known as) “creative  non-fiction” seems to have taken hold of contemporary culture.  The  Nazis appear to have been running labor camps, not extermination  camps, where the Allied bombing of German cities cut railroad lines  and made resupplying those camps impossible, which led to mass  starvation.  It is stunning how the alleged atrocities of the  Holocaust have been used to play on a Western sense of guilt to excuse  Israel for any atrocity or violation of international law.

Some expressions of anti-Zionism have emerged in France, where some  20,000 French protesters have expressed their support for Dieudonn√©,  who frequently attacks Zionism and questions the Holocaust–something  for which residents of Germany would be jailed.  How anyone could be  punished for raising questions about the authenticity of an historic  event is extraordinary, since, if it was real, research will  substantiate that; and, if it was not, then the world deserves to  know.  Thomas Perkins, a San Francisco  billionaire, has  likened criticism of the “super rich” in the USA to criticism of the  Jews in Germany, which is quite remarkable.  Perhaps he is  apprehensive that the growing gap between the rich and the poor might  lead to a revolt parallel to the French Revolution, where the rich and  powerful did not fare well.  This is a very odd story, which Kevin  clarified for us all.

The proposal to allow Israelis entry into the US without visas, no  doubt, is an effective procedure for insuring there are more  “terrorist attacks” in the US, which can be blamed on al Qaeda or  those fanatics in Syria!  Given that Israel is the most practiced in  the use of false flag terrorism of any nation in the world, this would  open the flood gate for ersatz “terrorists” to commit far more  devastating attacks than Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing.  (Perhaps  the are advising DHS on how these things can be done better!) We also  have evidence that Israel has attacked Russian rocket launchers in  Syria, which would probably provoke a strong response from Vadimir  Putin, where he not preoccupied with the Winter Olympics.  After all,  it would not be very surprising if Israel were to bomb the area in the  vicinity of Sochi to disrupt it in retaliation for Putin’s support of  Assad.

Other stories today include the strange rhetorical inconsistency from  John Kerry about dismantling Iran’s nuclear enrichment mechanisms,  which is not on the table, as opposed to downgrading its level of  enrichment, which is.  An article in The New Yorker reflected on the  extent to which “Dr. Strangelove” got it right about individual  commanders having the ability to launch nuclear weapons on their own.  The Keystone pipeline project has reinvigorated the environmental  movement, which is a good thing; and Pennsylvania is about to  privatize its bridges for the next 40 years, which is not.  Obama is  going to do what he can to raise the minimum wage for government  contract employees, but he has also nominated a “war criminal” to a  high court. And a former sponsor now believes that Obama is “the  world’s biggest war criminal” himself.  Pete Seeger may have song his  last song, but his memory will not be forgotten.

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